Adobe Launches Search&Promote to Improve Website Statistics
December 16, 2010

Company: Adobe Systems, a computer software developer

Product/Service: Adobe Search&Promote, powered by Omniture, is a program designed to increase visitor engagement and conversion through better site search experiences

What it Does: Enables marketers to improve website metrics by anticipating visitor search intent, thereby allowing them to promote relevant content. The program can support millions of pages and products, and offers real-time indexing to make sure content is up-to-date.

Listrak Expands Integration, Google Domain Tracking
March 11, 2010

Company: Listrak, an email marketing solutions provider

Product/Service: Listrak 4.8 includes Salesforce and Omniture integration, and offers expanded domain tracking through Google Analytics.

What It Does: Gives Listrak users more customer profiling data to increase the relevancy of emails and customer engagement, plus provides greater conversion metrics to track email campaign ROI.

Omniture, Facebook Join Forces to Optimize Social Media
March 3, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY, Omniture Summit 2010 — March 3, 2010 Omniture, an Adobe company (NASDAQ:ADBE) and a leading provider of online business optimization software, and Facebook®, today announced that they will provide online marketers with solutions to optimize Facebook as a marketing channel. This partnership builds on the Facebook analytics and Facebook application analytics capabilities Omniture announced last year.

Omniture SearchCenter
February 18, 2010

Company: Omniture, an Adobe company, is a provider of online business optimization software
The newest verison of Omniture SearchCenter, the company’s search engine marketing management application
What It Does: Provides marketers with deep insight into how consumers are engaging with paid search links across all supported search engines.

Analyze This
December 1, 2009

Lord Kelvin, inventor of the Kelvin temperature scale, said: “When you can measure something and can express it in numbers, you know

New Version of SearchCenter
October 8, 2009

Company: Omniture, a provider of online business optimization software Product/Service: The new version of SearchCenter, Omniture's search engine marketing and keyword bid management application that's part of Omniture's Online Marketing Suite, an integrated portfolio of optimization applications What It Does: Enables search engine marketers to test landing pages across campaigns and ad groups.