Omaha Steaks International

Omaha Steaks' Mail Offers Tickets For Loyalty
June 14, 2016 at 10:31 pm

Omaha Steaks has been a powerhouse marketer for decades. One of its Grand Controls, a successful direct mail piece for five years and counting, reaches out to loyal customers. It uses flattery and exclusivity to appeal to get this audience's attention, and whet their appetite for more by using "tickets" with savings on many foods. The mailing also offers a unique premium and makes a great guarantee to reinforce customer trust.

Use Market Research to Tie Brand Awareness and Purchase Intent to Sales
July 31, 2014

For years, I've been saying direct marketers are their own worst enemy when it comes to measurement. Direct marketers are good at measuring the things they've traditionally measured—response rates, cost per lead, cost per acquisition, etc.  But they're not good at measuring the effect that their communications have on the non-responders; when, in fact, the effect of consistent branding in direct communications is what makes direct marketing powerhouses like Omaha Steaks and top of mind when consumers are ready to purchase (not to mention Amazon).

Eye on Envelopes: 5 Trends to Watch
August 9, 2006

Self-mailers—with their eye-catching formats, flashy designs, and nearly unlimited size, dimension, and finishing options—may get a good deal of the creative attention, but for most direct mailers, envelopes are the real go-to format. In the first half of 2006, some 65 percent of all efforts received by the Who’s Mailing What! Archive arrived in an envelope. In 2005 that number was a similar 64.2 percent, and in 2004, an only slightly lower 63 percent. With numbers like this, it’s easy to see why envelope creative, while perhaps not as exciting as its self-mailing cousin, is an important discipline to watch. Not only do mailers need

Catalog vs. Solo Package
June 1, 2004

Should you try both formats? In the annals of great direct marketing companies, fortunes have been made selling with both catalogs and solo packages. Both formats have their place in direct marketing and each serves a specific purpose. Unfortunately, many companies (especially startups) misunderstand the criteria for these formats and make critical strategic mistakes when using them. Likewise, seasoned direct marketers may forget the benefits of one or the other format, ignoring potential profits. Let’s explore both formats and why each of them should be considered in your marketing programs. What Makes a Catalog? A common mistake among start-ups is the belief that the company has

Famous Last Words: Mad Cows and the Message
April 1, 2004

“Ann didn’t eat a lot of meat, but she did eat it occasionally. … It was a horrible death. Her nervous system completely closed down, she couldn’t walk, talk or swallow, and at the end she was not aware of us.” —Cathy Hilton, sister-in-law of CJD victim Ann Richardson, quoted in the Liverpool Echo Cattle are herbivores. The fact that no-longer productive cattle are murdered, ground up and mixed in with the feed of productive cattle is a perversion of nature. It has resulted in the spread of diseased brain tissue to other cattle and then to humans who can die of mad cow