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The 19th Annual Gold Ink Awards
November 1, 2006

The 19th Annual Gold Ink Awards banquet, honoring excellence in the printing industry, was held on Oct. 16 at McCormick Place in Chicago. The winners, selected from more than 1,500 entries in nearly 50 categories, represent the very best work from printing professionals throughout North America. The prestige and excellence associated with the Gold Ink Award usually results in new business for the winners, explains Maggie Pajak, director of marketing and trade shows for the Publishing Media Group at North American Publishing Co., the awards’ sponsor and Target Marketing’s parent company. This year in the Direct Mail Packages category, Strine Printing Co. took the gold

Production and Paper Special Report: Get Smart About Print
June 1, 2006

Today, the word technology most often is used to refer to online innovations. In the search engine marketing sector, in particular, new solutions are rolled out almost monthly—if not weekly. By comparison, “most of what’s happening in direct mail printing is evolutionary not revolutionary,” says Barry Bogle, vice president, imaged products at Quebecor World, a commercial print media services firm based in Montreal, Canada. All the same, he notes, this incremental progress is significant in helping direct mail remain a cost-efficient activity for direct marketers. While few in the industry would dispute direct mail’s advantage as a strong one-to-one communication method, the rising costs

More Takeaway Points to Consider
June 9, 2005

* In other words, if Steve Jobs had been vague about when product will be ready, Apple owners would happily buy the current stuff. As it is, many of them will grit their teeth and wait until 2006-2008, becoming ever more unhappy as their non-Apple colleagues buy the flashy new PCs from Sony, Toshiba and Dell, and crow about all the goodies and advances. * Promising a date certain on forthcoming products can be a ticking time bomb. For example, from The Seattle Times: Emirates, the largest customer for Airbus' new superjumbo A380 jet, said yesterday it is seeking damages from the European

Verizon's Simple Mailing Offers Real Service
May 1, 2005

Sometimes direct mail isn't about selling a product, it's about ongoing communication and solidifying a relationship with your existing customers. Case in point: Recently, a member of the Inside Direct Mail staff received a small mailing from Verizon (Archive code #808-636770-0502A) that addresses him by his full name and reads: Welcome. Because you have Verizon Freedom and Verizon Online Internet service, you automatically qualify to be a member of Verizon Encore—an exclusive program for our best customers. It's just one way we're showing our appreciation for your business. The mailing's format is simple and almost invitation-like. The 4-3/4" x 6" envelope

Is it Time for the Next Big Trend?
May 1, 2002

At a DMA fund-raising day in New York City, a marketer from Boys Town said that for years his organization refused to use the little personalized return labels because, "Everybody was using them and we did not want to look like everybody else." Then one day he went into the mail room and grabbed 10 pounds of Business Reply Mail "just to see what we were getting." It turns out, a large number of the BREs had return labels from other charities in the upper left corner. "Obviously our people responded to return label mailings," he said. "We tested one and it is now

TELEMARKETING New Age Technology Turns Telemarketers into Tech
November 1, 2001

By Sharon R. Cole Live chat rooms aren't just for Internet happy friends who tap and click their way through conversations. It seems some telemarketers also are wiring into this popular resource as a way to communicate with customers wanting quick, real-time responses to basic inquiries. At least this is the case for USA-800, Kansas City, MO. With new tech-savvy tools such as live chat, e-mail, instant Web-page pushing and click-to-call options, the primarily inbound contact center is able to service customers using a keyboard and a mouse. "Our conversion from a call center to a contact center is defined by flat growth

Famous Last Words- How Truthful Is Your Offer? (790 words)
April 1, 2001

By Denny Hatch "Direct mail should be scrupulously honest." —Dick Benson The Illinois Commerce Commission on Tuesday ordered Ameritech to stop plying its customers with "misleading" offers of a discount-calling plan that often costs more than regular phone service. Ameritech has endured withering criticism from consumer advocates and others in recent years for alleged excesses in marketing—for example, trying to sell expensive phone packages and second phone lines to nursing-home residents. Tuesday's sternly worded ICC decision, consumer advocates said, is a sign that regulators will not tolerate deceptive marketing practices by phone companies. —Robert Manor, Chicago Tribune Staff Writer, Jan. 24, 2001