Retailers Enliven Catalog Offerings Through Apps
November 21, 2011

When you browse Anthropologie’s stores, you feel as if you’re wandering through an artsy home, where there are sure to be closets full of eclectic outfits, bedrooms with bohemian quilts and kitchen tables with mismatched dishes. But when you visit its e-commerce site, you get none of that feel; you’re just scrolling through an unimaginative grid of clothes worn by wooden mannequins. Anthropologie wants to change that, and thinks the tablet is the key.

Get Off the Offer Bandwagon
March 1, 2009

There’s an economic concept known as the “wealth effect.” In essence, the wealth effect postulates that as consumers’ portfolios expand in times of strong economic conditions, their spending increases. In other words, as people’s wealth increases, their spending increases regardless of disposable income.

Brand Matters: How Bright Is Your Green Light?
June 1, 2008

Green. Greener. Greenest. Just how would you rate your brand’s shade of green? Crayola lists nine different shades of green in its rankings of the top 50 crayon colors. From the original Green (ranked No. 21) to Caribbean Green (No. 6) to Asparagus (No. 26) to Screamin’ Green (No. 49), the hues of green are varied and eclectic. The same is true for brands’ environmental policies. Some brands are extroverts in their environmental policies; others are introverts. When thinking of bold greens, consider Whole Foods, Prius, Ben & Jerry’s, Burt’s Bees, Tom’s of Maine, Aveda and Starbucks. These brands resonate with consumers as good

July 27, 2006

NOTE: Denny personally responds to all e-mail correspondences (unless the e-mail address is somehow missing). Readers Respond to “Eminent Domains: Is Yours One?” published July 25, 2006. Love your newsletter, and it is a big part of inspiring me to think differently about everything, and to observe and pay attention to the obvious. I just came across a new phone service, but maybe it is not so new in your world, and I think it will be an interesting thing for you to get perspective on. Most people under age 30 are so electronic savvy, and the amp’d mobile is the phone they have been waiting

Eminent Domains: Is Yours One?
July 25, 2006

Is your Web site user friendly? Or are you irritating the heck out of the very people you want in your corner? Worse, could your domain name be an unintended joke that has the world laughing up its sleeve? Doing Business on the Web From A to Z (Apple to Zappos) With a free ad in Craigslist I found John Mormando of Eye FIX Macs who came to the house and cleaned up our computers, answered my questions and told me precisely the equipment he needed me to order for his next visit. After trying to order two products at the Apple Store, I got so confused that I

Best Buy's Diamond as Big as the Ritz
March 23, 2006

Is Touchy-Feely Customer Research the Way to Go? March 23, 2006: Vol. 2, Issue No. 23 IN THE NEWS Best Buy thinks outside the big box In several concept stores located in the Midwest, Best Buy is gathering data about consumer behavior in retail outlets that are quite different from the "big box" stores normally associated with America's largest consumer electronics retailer. The new stores, with names like Eq-life, Studio d and Escape, are helping Best Buy understand how to improve the shopping experience of a new class of technology buyers. —Tom Krazit, C/, March 21, 2006 Brad Anderson is CEO of Best

Make Your Web Site a Commerce Laboratory
July 1, 2005

By Jim Watson Research can offer customer insights and boost Web site success. Ever wonder why the milk is always in the back corner of the grocery store, why Nordstrom always has cosmetics and women's shoes on the first floor, or why McDonald's packaged its menu into value meals? These tactics are the result of years and years of observing consumer behavior and purchase patterns with the single-minded goal of boosting sales and margins. Commerce-based Web sites have been in existence for a decade. Will it take us decades more to reach marketing and merchandising truths in the digital space? Absolutely not. The digital

The Direct Marketer of the Year (3,039 words)
October 1, 2003

By Hallie Mummert Master of Multichannel Marketing If Richard Thalheimer was a different kind of person, he might be inclined to stick out his tongue at the big-box electronics and department stores that carry his company's line of product designs. After all, it was only a decade ago that these retail giants were copying The Sharper Image's merchandise mix of outside brands as well as its store layouts, diluting the strength of the company's message and stealing market share. But the same entrepreneurial spirit that drove Chairman and CEO Thalheimer to launch the company in 1977

The Golden Rule
January 1, 2003

By Denny Hatch "Nothing is more powerful than good will except ill will." —Anver Souleiman Item: On our way to dinner at Avenue B, a trendy, pricey new saloon on Philadelphia's Broad Street, Peggy and I stopped at the Wilma Theater to see if we could get tickets for "Dirty Blonde," a play about the legendary Mae West, that had gotten very good reviews. Curtain time at the Wilma was 7:30 p.m., so the lobby was empty. We walked up to the box office,

Walk in Your Customers' Shoes
May 1, 2002

By Deb Goldstein The shoe department at Nordstrom is heaven. I'm sure you've been there, and if you haven't, it's a must—not just because of the vast variety of shoes, but because of its customer service. It's the complete experience that combines quality products delivered with top care. When I'm in San Francisco, I never miss the opportunity to visit this store. Here's why: It's all about my first visit. I was at the opening bell at 9:30. I looked at everything, consulted with my shopping partner if she liked this pair or that. When I finally decided what I wanted to try