Content Marketers: Facebook Wants to Own You
November 3, 2014

Starting with publishers, Facebook representatives are offering to host content on the social media site and eliminate the clickthrough—while sharing in the ad revenue. To Marcus Wohlsen of Wired, this seems like the beginning of a huge move by Facebook to host videos, news and content from public figures all in one place and make direct site visits even more rare

Mobile’s Impact on the Consumer Path to Purchase
October 3, 2014

One in three ad dollars will go to digital advertising next year, meaning digital media spending will be almost equal to television spending. Digital strategies will help drive the U.S. advertising market to $172 billion in 2015, according to new research from Magna Global. This—in combination with mobile and social networking—will push digital to the forefront

Relevance Is More Than Just Right Content
June 11, 2014

Companies like Amazon and Netflix have conditioned consumers to expect that every brand interaction should be relevant and personalized. This is a good thing. It pushes companies out of their traditional comfort zones. But, most discussions on relevancy have focused almost exclusively on content. Missing from the conversation is the importance of timing and platform