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The Pocket Web
September 1, 2010

Marketers today face a Catch-22 proposition: While smartphone adoption has increased exponentially—providing both the platform and legitimacy for the discipline—the budgets and resources dedicated toward mobile marketing have not kept up. But you don't have to sit out of the mobile marketing game for lack of a six-figure budget. You can start small, focusing on best practices, to build the returns that will help make your budget case.

Toolfetch’s Evan Brown on SEO
April 23, 2008

The debate about how much time, effort and resources companies should invest in search engine optimization generally includes a reminder for marketers to diversify advertising and marketing efforts. While it’s important to have multiple marketing sources working for your company, maximizing your SEO also can help to dramatically improve your ROI in all channels, making it worth taking the time to investigate programs, systems and partners to this end. Here, Evan Brown, president of New York-based tool retailer Toolfetch, details how he worked with Netconcepts to implement the GravityStream solution to improve his company’s SEO. Target Marketing: What led you to improve your SEO

Cabela’s Derek Fortna on SEO
October 10, 2007

Cabela’s, a direct marketer and specialty retailer of hunting, fishing, camping and related outdoor merchandise, needed to revamp its SEO game plan for the 2006 holiday season. Prior to the fall of 2006, only a handful of static category and product pages were optimized. With its Web site approaching 50,000 product pages and more than 200,000 unique products, such as “hunting socks,” “compound bows” and “riflescope accessories,” the company required a more robust natural search solution. So it turned to software provider Netconcepts to update its site with GravityStream, a natural search management platform that helped Cabela’s gain a real-time, Web-crawler version of its

Nuts & Bolts: Case Study
October 1, 2007

Challenge: Improve Web traffic/sales through SEO Solution: Use buzzworthy anecdotes, video and catchy titles Results: A 14-percent increase in blog-driven sales and spikes of 1,000 sessions per day after each post that contribute to repeat traffic Steve Spangler, famous for creating a 30-foot geyser of Diet Coke by dropping Mentos into a soda bottle, not only has mastered the art of science, but also the art of blogging to optimize natural search results and increase Web sales. Founder and CEO of Steve Spangler Science, a multichannel firm that sells educational toys, Spangler says the overall goal of his blog is to convey information in a fun, thought-provoking

Six Tactics for Blog Content That Works
May 30, 2007

What’s the top secret to developing a winning blog, one that draws an audience, grows your brand and improves your products sales? For former teacher Steve Spangler, it’s learning from others who have achieved some success with this tool. Spangler is the founder and CEO of Steve Spangler Science, a multichannel firm that sells science education toys while offering kids, teachers and parents a host of free science experiments and projects. He launched his blog in 2004, giving him the perfect forum through which to share his passion for science, connect with others who are similarly inspired and promote his business, all at once.