The Path to Holiday Email Optimization Part I: Checking Your Foundation
August 27, 2015

For just about every consumer marketer, the winter holiday season generates the majority of revenue for the year. It's the season in which most businesses invest the bulk of their time and money in their marketing programs, and rightfully so. As the opportunity approaches email marketers typically concentrate on gaining consumer mindshare and showcasing value, laying the foundation for holiday purchases. The leaders do even more.

Navigating the Holiday Rush: How to Increase Content, Not Complaints
October 29, 2014

During the winter holidays, there is a fierce competition for attention in the inbox. Many marketers' first inclination is to increase their sending frequency in order to outmuscle other brands for mindshare, but is that the best option? While this tactic can increase your presence in the inbox it can also harm your email program by annoying your customers. Turning off prospective buyers isn't the biggest risk, either; generating more complaints can signal to mailbox providers that your messages are unwelcome, pushing them to reevaluate your sending reputation and potentially delivering your email to the spam folder.

’Ello, Facebook! Sincerely, Your New Ad-Free Competitor
September 29, 2014

New, ad-free Facebook competitor Ello is seemingly being greeted with skepticism by marketing insiders, mainly because Google+ couldn't usurp Facebook, niche sites didn't displace it and users' privacy concerns aren't stopping "1.32 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2014" from networking there. These criticisms aren't stopping Ello from having "tens of thousands of people on a growing waiting list" who want to join the invitation-only site, still in beta, that is so new it has a privacy policy dated June 20, 2014.

Email Engagement’s Hidden Benefit: 5 Early Warning Signs of Customer Attrition
August 12, 2014

Stop paying so much attention to email deliverability and start focusing on subscriber engagement. Keeping track of declining engagement will provide red flags, showing you when you need to re-engage your subscribers and change your messaging to save the relationship. If your subscribers are actively engaged, they'll take care of deliverability for you.

How Critical Is Pinterest to Inbound Marketing?
August 1, 2014

A dark horse in the shadow of titan Facebook, Pinterest has nevertheless quietly grown to become one of the Web's largest social networks. Its secret: Pinterest enables its members to make a graphic splash by putting together collages of their favorite photos online for all to see.

MySpace Still Has Your Photos, Uses Them as Bait to Lure You Back
June 3, 2014

MySpace, once a dominant social networking site, is trying to make a comeback among a large chunk of its user base by sending reminders of embarrassing photos that still exist on the site. The unique marketing strategy is a clever approach to get the attention of its customers. By tagging users’ old photos, the social network gives a link to the respective user's profile. Though it clearly looks like "blackmailing" to get users to log in to their old MySpace accounts, the company insists that it's simply reaching out to its current and past users.

Who Says Email Marketing Trumps Social Media? Marketers Do.
March 12, 2014

Over the past decade, few aspects of marketing have received as much publicity as social media. But as the buzz dies down, we're seeing more hype than hard results. In fact, most statistics show that email still trumps social media. Email marketing might not be as flashy, but it's still No. 1 in effectiveness. Ever heard the saying, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute. It'll change?" It seems the same is true of social media. Just keeping up with the platform du jour can be exhausting. Should you be on Pinterest? Google+? Reddit?

Why Customer Experience Trumps User Experience
January 29, 2014

Whenever I'm asked to explain customer experience, I'm always hard-pressed for a short, easily digested answer. It's just so huge! What doesn't it cover? Not much. And the real stumper: Who is responsible? Customer experience is often translated into user experience as the front-end digital experience of users. Although they're not the same, they aren't that different. So which comes first? Here's how user experience can inform customer experience strategy, and vice versa.

Latest Doomsday Study Predicts Facebook Will Lose About 1 Billion Users Within 3 Years
January 22, 2014

Facebook is about to be wiped out like a bad plague, losing 80 percent of its users by 2017, according to the latest doomsday study about the social network. These types of studies are pitched to the press all the time, predicting the demise of Facebook. Some carry elements of truth, like research that shows teens to be fleeing Facebook. Some studies show Facebook causes loneliness or stress. No matter what, studies often show how harmful Facebook is to our culture — or how irrelevant it is. For pure boldness, however, the latest study wins the "Facebook is screwed" contest.

3 Deadly Reasons Most Websites Fail
August 27, 2013

Consider this: There are about 700 million websites. But to most of us, only a tiny fraction of those sites exist because we jump from bookmark to bookmark, scanning our favorite homepages and refreshing our feeds. People are loyal to websites that draw them in because, simply put, the majority of those 700 millions sites are just plain bad. Of millions of websites analyzed by Marketing Grader, a whopping 72 percent received a grade of 59 out of 100 or below, which essentially means 72 percent of websites are failing to attract new visitors and convert leads