List Prospecting Trends
August 16, 2006

Everyone is trying to save money when it comes to list prospecting. As with any purchase, you want to do your research. Consider the base list price, the type of list and typical response rate, and watch out for hidden costs. While price often is a defining factor for many buyers, quality should play into your decision. And here is where your research pays off. Just like with car shopping, you can buy the least expensive list, but you will probably get the least desired results. Don’t buy on price alone, says Steve Tamke, senior vice president at marketing firm Mokrynskidirect in Hackensack, N.J. You

TM0506_Hot Lists
April 4, 2006

Consumer Disney Movie Club Enhanced Masterfile This file is comprised of 443,402 12-month buyers of Disney movies via the Disney Movie Club. These families with children receive three free videos or DVDs and agree to purchase four more in the following two years. Enhanced selects include children’s age range, age of adult, grandparents, avid book readers, cat/dog owners, and more. The base list price is $95/M. Call your list broker or True North List Co., (203) 459-4348 or visit About Kid Crafters & Kid’s Crafts Reach 891,612 individuals who have indicated via a survey that they purchase child-safe and/or child-focused crafting products, materials and

Market Focus: Beauty Product Buyers
August 1, 2004

A Beauty of a Market Even before Cleopatra made famous her kohl-rimmed eyes, women the world over sought out lotions, creams and powders to put their best face forward. And throughout the centuries, the desire for beauty products has only grown. The cosmetics industry basically is divided into three categories: skincare, haircare and color cosmetics. Citing research from Datamonitor, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine puts the total cosmetic industry at $124 billion, with sales expected to top $145 billion by 2005. It also points to skincare and color cosmetics as industry growth areas, with estimated sales of $31 billion and $22.5 billion, respectively. Many Faces,