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ALC Acquires the MKTG List Management Division
January 28, 2008

PRINCETON, NJ –January 25, 2008 – ALC announced today that it has acquired the List Management Division of MKTG Services. As of Monday, January 28, all list and data properties formerly managed by MKTG will be available through ALC Data Management. “We’re all very excited about this acquisition,” said ALC Chairman and CEO, Donn Rappaport. The latest in a series of strategic acquisitions, MKTG represents a dynamic portfolio of high caliber marketers. “We believe that each of the MKTG clients we bring over will benefit greatly from our aggressive, innovative approach to maximizing the value of their marketing data,” he stated. “Our state-of-the-art sales, marketing,

Auto Restorers: Lists to Test
September 1, 2007

The following is a sample of lists available to reach this market. F&W Publications Old Cars Masterfile: 94,546 active subscribers to Old Cars Weekly and Old Cars Price Guide. Price: $95/M. Call: MKTG Services, (800) 936-6210. Kanter Auto Products: 26,550 last 12-month buyers of antique and classic auto parts. Price: $95/M. Call: Names and Addresses, (847) 465-1500. Auto Restorer: 44,367 active U.S. subscribers. Price: $100/M. Call: Bowtie List Management, (949) 855-8822, ext. 3420. Hemmings Motor News: 142,118 active subscribers. Price: $95/M. Call: Statlistics, (203) 778-8700.

Why ROI Is More Important Than Your Up-front Response
May 16, 2007

“What’s a good response rate?” This question gets asked a good deal in the direct marketing industry. The response rate to a direct marketing campaign is the initial campaign indicator—or the “up-front” results. When response starts coming in, it’s the first measure of results. It’s easy to jump to conclusions about the success of a campaign or test based on this initial measure, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg when evaluating your direct marketing profitability. Some offers draw a great percent response. Offer something for free, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get strong up-front results, but you may not sell much of

Postal Changes Take Shape
May 1, 2007

When the Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) approved most of the recommendations made by the Postal Regulatory Commission in March, it set into motion an often confusing set of regulations and cost increases that will have a wide-ranging impact on direct mail users of all sizes, budgets and markets. Since the initial rate changes for First Class and Standard mail are scheduled to be implemented on May 14—followed by scheduled changes in July for periodicals and catalogs, and in August for mandatory use of Delivery Point Verification (DPV)—hopefully you’ve already begun preparing for these adjustments and new requirements. If you

Market Focus: Collectibles Buyers
March 1, 2007

What makes collectibles buyers so appealing to direct marketers is that they purchase myriad other products besides collectibles, including display cases, insurance, restoration services, alarm systems and software. And they spend money traveling to shows and events. Collecting clubs buy event planning and Web hosting services, printing, and custom logo products. The list is long and varied. Indeed, money spent on the collectible itself is only one tributary of the money stream that constitutes this market. The collectibles arena covers a wide breadth of consumers and dealers, and an equally broad selection of merchandise. A quick search on the Google Directory reveals 51 categories of

Market Focus: School Administrators
June 1, 2006

Marketing That Takes Smarts School is a time for growth, for expanding one’s horizons, learning to work with others and gaining knowledge. Often, it’s a complicated place, full of challenges and rules, but ultimately a rewarding experience that stays with you all your life. Not surprisingly, marketing to those responsible for school administration often is just as complex, but also rewarding for those marketers who take the time to learn about the needs and dynamics of this customer base. Reading, Writing and Everything in Between When looking at the kindergarten through 12th grade school market, there are more than 138,000 district-level administrators in the United States serving

TM0506_Hot Lists
April 4, 2006

Consumer Disney Movie Club Enhanced Masterfile This file is comprised of 443,402 12-month buyers of Disney movies via the Disney Movie Club. These families with children receive three free videos or DVDs and agree to purchase four more in the following two years. Enhanced selects include children’s age range, age of adult, grandparents, avid book readers, cat/dog owners, and more. The base list price is $95/M. Call your list broker or True North List Co., (203) 459-4348 or visit About Kid Crafters & Kid’s Crafts Reach 891,612 individuals who have indicated via a survey that they purchase child-safe and/or child-focused crafting products, materials and

Wine Connoisseurs 'Nosing' a Choice Market
December 1, 2005

By Kendra Clayton I'm certain you've heard the expression, " ... like a fine wine," referring to something rare and extraordinary. But what, exactly, determines a fine wine? First, there's color and clarity. Second, a fine wine's aroma is scintillating and rich. Third comes the much-anticipated taste. It must be savored for the full body to come forth; a perfect balance of fruit, alcohol and acidity. This process, used to determine a wine's worth, can be broadly applied across the market of its connoisseurs as well. Oenophiles, or wine connoisseurs, are a rare breed, made all the more difficult to hone in on

Market Focus - Graphic Designers
November 1, 2005

By Irene Cherkassky In direct marketing, it's always important to have creative that stands out and makes an impact. Stunning creative may be even more imperative when you're reaching out to graphic designers. After all, these folks are paid to know and create good design. Rich Media According to Rick Grefé, executive director for the New York City-based American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), the professional association for design, there are "160,000 graphic designers of the kind we normally consider fully qualified." And approximately another 320,000 have engaged in some aspect of graphic design at a more amateur level, according to the organization.

Sell 'Em Lock, Stock and Barrel
September 1, 2005

Sell 'Em Lock, Stock and Barrel By Lisa Yorgey Lester Hunting is an American tradition shared by the young and old, rich and poor. It has no geographic boundaries and crosses all racial and ethnic groups, according to Economic Importance of Hunting in America, a 2001 report conducted on behalf of the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (IAFWA). Demographics, however, do point to a decidedly male market. Of the more than 15 million active hunting participants in the United States, 88.2 percent are male. While hunters come from all walks of life, their demographics might vary slightly according to the type of