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A Fount of Knowledge About Fonts
September 22, 2016 at 8:00 am

Get ready, we’re going to get a little geeky here — about fonts. Specifically, OpenType fonts and how they add so much flexibility and

Energizing Twitter Users With Education and ROI
October 28, 2015

From big brands to small mom-and-pops, businesses of all types are leveraging the potential of Twitter to find, engage and convert new customers. It's lead generation, Twitter-style, and all of these businesses are discovering the opportunities the social network provides that they either didn't know existed or didn't have time to explore.

Eye of the Tiger: Position Like an Underdog
September 22, 2015

Last Wednesday, I spent the day soaking in knowledge at the Financial Times Future of Marketing Summit in New York City. Hearing from some of the top minds in marketing was inspiring, and looking forward, the future is very bright.

Marketing Technology Liberates and Enables
May 1, 2015

Marketing technology has exploded in the past three years. According to Chief Marketing Technologist, as many as 1,876 tech companies are battling it out for your dollars in 2015, nearly doubled in number from last year. The largest single category in marketing tech is marketing automation, with no fewer than 211 solutions available today.

So Many Paid Search Wrongs to Right
April 15, 2015

AdWords covers every paid search need, right? Wrong, says John Gagnon. That might hurt to hear on Tax Day—especially for the big three tax preparers who will spend more than $24 million on 3,819 search terms related to the event, according to the AdGooroo Blog.

Forcing Journalists to Be Flacks
March 1, 2015

Condé Nast is America's premier upmarket magazine publisher. Included in its distinguished stable are many legendary publications. Condé journalists are among the most skilled in the world.