DMA's Woolley: Data-Driven Marketing Is 'Made in America' - Don't Ruin It
October 15, 2013

If "data-driven marketing" could sport a manufacturer's label, it would be "Made in America," says Linda A. Woolley, the president and CEO of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). But that's not the only reason U.S. legislators should support the practice, rather than trying to pass laws that will "muck around" with the industry that generated $156 billion in revenue and funded more than 675,000 jobs in 2012, she says, quoting statistics from research DMA released on Monday at DMA2013 in Chicago.

How Big Data Spawned the Geico Gecko
March 22, 2013

Geico's Gecko spokes-lizard has become so iconic that he shows up as a human-size mascot at sporting events. He's even milking his fame with a new book. But the insurance firm did not originally intend for the popular character to become its longstanding brand representative. Data analysis determined that, according to Geico CMO Ted Ward. For 10 years, Geico has worked with Merkle, a database-marketing consultancy, to run the insurer's marketing database, handle its direct mail and print-campaign analytics and manage its targeted digital display ads. Geico also works with The Martin Agency and Horizon Media on advertising.

Big Data Success Includes Personal, Real-time Analytics: Merkle Exec
February 1, 2013

A Merkle executive at the 2013 Mobile Marketing Association Forum San Francisco said mobile marketers can marry real-time and personal analytics to make the most of Big Data. During the “How to Leverage Big Data in the Mobile World” session, the executive spoke about the best ways for marketers to dig into their analytics to drive results. Additionally, the executive discussed which types of information are most important to include in mobile reporting. “If you want to be successful with Big Data and mobile, there are two things that you need to do,” said Jennifer Veesenmeyer, vice president of digital

What Oracle's Plan to Acquire Eloqua Means for Marketers
January 17, 2013

Marketing is white hot. Last month, the CMO Council declared 2013 “The Year of the Marketer.” Earlier, Gartner had predicted that by 2017, CMOs will spend more on IT than CIOs do. Powered by customer-driven brands and data-driven insights, CMOs can now combine the art and science of marketing into better performance and greater accountability than ever before. Is it any wonder that mergers and acquisitions across the marketing space are heating up, as well? Of course, M&A activity in marketing technology has been building for some time. Last year, Google gobbled up Wildfire. Merkle added mobile shop 5th Finger

7 Reasons Why Email is Still Kicking
November 8, 2012

Mistaken predictions about the demise of people and things are relatively common. In the 1990s, brick-and-mortar bank branches were declared dead. ATMs and internet banking were supposed to result in the end of the local bank branch. Over the last few years, similar thoughts have been shared regarding email's fate in the digital marketing mix. Social media, SMS and mobile apps have been touted as "email killers." In the background, Facebook, Twitter and other brands have strengthened their use of email marketing to improve customer relationships.

Applying Traditional Direct Marketing Principles to the Digital Age
October 1, 2012

As a long-timer in the direct and database marketing industry, I have seen quite the evolution over the years. And if I step back and try to look objectively at our field today, there seems to be a persistent, unspoken dispute between the traditional direct/database marketer and the digital marketers of today. The digital guys seem to think they invented the idea of using customer information to create insights that drive engagement, build customer relationships, and maximize ROI.

Can We Walk the Talk of Self-Regulation?
October 1, 2012

As we look toward the end of 2012, one of the more troubling issues facing marketers is the focus the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Congress and the media are putting on data brokers. While marketers are only one segment of the data broker debate and cannot resolve this issue alone, we must be proactive in defining our segment and restating and reaffirming our self-regulatory practices. If we are all following our stated "best practices," our arguments for continuing to self-regulate will carry more weight.

What Is a Data Broker? The FTC's Muddled Message
August 3, 2012

You might wonder why I'm asking this question or wonder why you should care, but you should care. If you are a marketer, you are either a data broker or you do business with one. And, data brokers have become an area of interest in Washington.

Are You an Email Sommelier?
July 18, 2012

The job title "sommelier" is hot. A recent Los Angeles Times article described the latest incarnation of this role being fulfilled by companies that serve as "music sommeliers" — that is, they're interior designers of the aural kind. Similar to the traditional sommelier, whose job is to serve as the in-house wine expert, these individuals curate playlists that map to a restaurant's menu, clientele, setting and even time of day. Sounds a lot like what a good email marketer does.

Why Marketers Have No Choice but to Adopt Marketing Technology
April 4, 2012

The obvious hit me at Adobe’s Digital Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City a few weeks back. Marketers are finally going to have no choice but to use technology to survive the day to day management of the message and the medium. What Adobe’s CTO, Kevin Lynch, showed was the ability for an iPad, a marketing manager, a graphic designer, and a computer running Photoshop to create, modify and execute a creative campaign from remote locations, with minimal mouse clicks, and then tie the campaign to metrics of success and recalibrate in real-time.