Mercent Expands Google Shopping Campaigns Support
June 6, 2014

Company: Mercent, an e-commerce marketing software provider
Product/Service: Google Shopping software expansion
What it Does: Google's local inventory ads provide real-time price inventory information for in-store inventory to consumers shopping online, making it efficient to assess in-store stock levels and pricing for retail products within a Google Shopping ad.

What an Online Sales Tax Would Mean
September 11, 2013

With a nationwide online sales tax law closer to reality than in the past, e-retailers worry that shoppers will be scared away by the extra cost at checkout. But one expert predicts such a law will free retailers to take advantage of services they now avoid because of tax concerns. Will online sales taxes scare away consumers? That’s the question before e-retailers as members of Congress ponder whether to pass a nationwide web sales tax law

Mercent Launches Software That Supports Google Shopping
June 1, 2012

Company: Mercent, a technology company that enables retailers to profitably reach and convert more shoppers online 

Product/Service: Mercent Retail for Google Shopping

What it Does: Enables retailers to efficiently drive sales on the new Google Shopping program. The Merecnt Retail platform delivers complete, accurate and timely product data feeds that contain competitive pricing and compelling product merchandising offers, allowing retailers to reach millions of online shoppers searching and purchasing through Google.

Mercent's E-Commerce Price Optimization Video Released for Retailers
February 17, 2012

Company: Mercent, a technology company that enables retailers to profitably reach and convert more shoppers online

Product/Service: Mercent Retail Marketplace Price Optimizer

What it Does: Educates online retailers on the benefits and use of repricing to compete more profitably on Amazon’s third-party marketplace through a video that covers key topics of interest such as:

  • Amazon third-party marketplace statistics;
  • the significance of the Amazon Buy Box in driving seller transaction volume;
  • strategies to compete more consistently and profitably on Amazon;
  • common myths and misconceptions on retail repricing;
  • strategic and financial benefits of repricing specifically on; and
  • an overview of the Mercent Retail Marketplace Price Optimizer.

eAnswers: Lists, Frequency, Organic Search
March 1, 2008

Q: We send out two to three e-mail newsletters per month. There are occasions when we’d like to send out an extra one, but we wonder how many is too many. How do we strike a balance between getting the word out to our customers/readers about things happening on our site and annoying customers by sending out too many e-mails? Obviously, we don’t want to anger recipients so they’re led to cancel their subscription or otherwise think poorly of us. — Gretchen Heber, co-founder,, Austin, Texas

Special Report Affiliate Marketing
October 1, 2005

Although it's had its share of problems over the past few years—such as incidents of click fraud and spamming issues—affiliate marketing is fast becoming a key part of many e-commerce businesses. According to JupiterResearch's report, Affiliate Marketing Developing a Solid Affiliate Base, when asked about their affiliate programs, 78 percent of merchants with affiliate programs grew those programs in 2004, and 38 percent grew them by as much as 25 percent or more. Furthermore, last year, nearly all of these merchants had at least one dedicated, full-time employee managing their affiliate programs, and only one in 10 merchants who have an affiliate program