Melissa Data

Data Quality 101
March 4, 2013

Everybody's talking about data quality these days. Quality data helps power CRM initiatives and builds customer loyalty, ensures invoices get paid, and helps improve the accuracy of critical business decisions. Download this free 56-page ebook on the nuts and bolts of data quality and learn what it is, the costs of poor data quality, how to measure it, and much more!

White Paper: 10 Key Elements in Email Campaign Strategy & Design
February 1, 2013

Email marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to reach thousands of people at minimal expense. It is direct and it's affordable, without printing and postage costs. This white paper will help you get a good head start launching an email campaign - even if you've never done one before. Download Now.

Data Quality: From Contact Cleansing to Contact Verification
January 4, 2013

The secret to better and more accurate data is to look beyond individual fields, and collectively consider an entire record as a whole - associating every element with the others. Watch this webcast on Thursday, Jan 17 at 2 pm ET to learn how Melissa Data's latest product - Personator - compares incoming customer and prospects records against multi-sourced data sets to provide instant identity verification and dramatically improve the quality of all your data. Register now.

Melissa Data Launches Personator to Reduce Fraud and Data Entry Errors in E-Commerce Applications
October 12, 2012

Company: Melissa Data, a provider of contact data quality and direct marketing solutions
Product/Service: Personator, an integrated data quality web service
What it Does: Provides identity verification and fraud prevention for e-commerce applications. Personator determines whether associations between different elements (e.g., name and address) are correct, increasing accuracy by ensuring a valid and correct link between the data and identity of individual customer contacts.  

6 Steps to Take the Junk Out of Direct Mail
June 25, 2012

Every part of the direct mail life cycle has potential for achieving environmental, economic and social benefits—from mail piece design and mailing list preparation to post-delivery management. But to effectively green the mailing process, the best place to start is list maintenance and target marketing. The following mailing processes are not only green, but make good business sense and have the potential to get any direct mail campaign off to a great start.

Melissa Data Unveils Contact Zone
February 24, 2012

Company: Melissa Data, a provider of contact data quality and integration solutions

Product/Service: Contact Zone, open-source data integration software optimized for sophisticated contact data quality

What it Does: Allows users to easily target, clean, parse, validate and correct customer data. No programming skills or technical understanding of programming languages are necessary. A database of clean, accurate records helps companies stay in touch with moving customers, maximize postal discounts and reduce undeliverable-as-addressed mail.

Melissa DATA Announces MatchUp for Microsoft
January 13, 2012

Company: Melissa DATA, a provider of contact data quality and integration solutions

Product/Service: MatchUp Component for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) What it Does: Finds and eliminates duplicate database records, specifically in the contact record domain. MatchUp dramatically enhances database efficiency and effectiveness by enabling a single, accurate view of each customer. It eliminates duplicate customer and prospect records through user-specified, customizable criteria.

The 4 Pitfalls of an Email-only Approach
November 2, 2011

Before the Internet, B-to-B direct marketing must have been a snap. Think about it: for customer acquisition, direct mail was the only game in town. All you needed to do was create compelling offers, buy or rent decent lists, send out the mail and get results. Once the campaign was over, crunch the numbers, pick the best offer and find better lists. It all came down to looking at how much it cost to acquire each customer and how much each customer was worth.

10 Tips to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns
July 8, 2011

Email marketing can appear daunting with the multitude of laws, spam filters and confusion over the best method to use. Whether you're an e-marketing novice or veteran, learning the tricks of the trade can make the process more comfortable and successful.

Melissa Data Announces AddressPlus
October 21, 2009

People move to new addresses everyday, but if marketers don't have the correct change of address information, direct mail becomes undeliverable, environmentally wasteful and costly for both the marketer and USPS.