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Creative Corner: The Power of Taglines
October 1, 2006

As always, the Direct Marketing Association’s Conference and Exhibition has a theme. This year it’s “Customers Are on a Journey: Be the Destination!” I suppose I understand that. It’s a bit of a reach—and a command without a benefit—but at least I know what it means. Customers are looking for something, and your product should be it. It’s a tagline, and I love taglines. My all-time favorite tagline came from a tech company that wanted people to know its geniuses used their brain power to create brilliant products. So it came up with the tagline “Out of our minds.” My favorite spoof tagline was Jerry Della Femina’s

Creative Corner: Technology Is Great
December 1, 2004

... until it eliminates the human factor. This past year, Mason & Geller relocated to Florida. Why’d we come? Well, we have clients down here, and I’m closer to my 93-year-old mom. We also cut our office overhead by about 70 percent. Then there’s the weather, the beaches and the laid-back lifestyle. Except for hurricanes, it’s been great. We all miss New York, but we’d be crazy to go back. Why didn’t we make this move years ago? Simple. We didn’t have the low-cost technology—or the low-cost air travel—that lets us work in an out-of-the-way marina in Hollywood, Fla. Now, with clients all

Creative Corner: I’m a New Mover
October 1, 2004

So where are the direct mail campaigns? Greetings from Florida. I moved here permanently in the middle of June to be close to my mother. Now, instead of commuting from New York to Miami, I commute from Miami to New York. My staff, Michael, Dwain and Pepper, is down here with me, and the rest of our merry crew works out of our office in New Haven, Conn. Our new office is on the second floor of the lovely and brand-new Harbormaster’s office in a marina in Hollywood, which is about halfway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach. I like the view: water, yachts

Creative Corner: The Brand Promise
June 1, 2004

Create a memorable brand without compromising response A few days ago I took a quick break to zoom around the corner to see the fruit and vegetable man on 39th Street. I was starving! I asked him for four bananas and he said: “$1.25.” “Why,” I asked? “Yesterday they were only a dollar.” “These are Chiquitas,” he smiled. Did I notice the difference between bananas? No, but I forked over the extra quarter. On the way back to work, I ate one and pondered the little oval Chiquita label. Does the label make it a better banana? My perception is that it does. I

Creative Corner: Problem > Solution?
March 1, 2004

Position Your Offer as a Solution When you get down to it, everything we do in direct marketing is based on coming up with a solution to a problem. The way we sell our products and services is to identify people’s needs and wants, and then position our offerings as the fulfillment of those desires. When I think of problem/solution marketing, NetFlix immediately comes to mind. What’s the problem with Netflix? Nothing. As far as I can tell, it’s the perfect Internet-driven direct marketing business. In fact, it’s a solution to a problem. What problem? It goes back to the birth of the Internet,

When Pigs Fly - Creative Ideas I’ll Never Do Again
June 1, 2003

EDITOR’S NOTE: This contest ended in 2003. When I was a girl, my grandmother was a font of strange expressions. For instance, I was shy and when I didn’t speak, Granny would ask, “Cat got your tongue?” We didn’t have a cat but my friend did and, being very literal-minded, I wondered if it would leap up and bite my tongue off. Every now and then my dad would mull over some business problem and Granny would advise him to “take the bull by the horns.” Dad worked in New York City where, as far as I knew, there were no bulls, and if