E-commerce Link: Bypass the Inbox
November 1, 2006

E-mail marketing may not be in a state of crisis, but it certainly is not as productive as it once was. Every marketer knows that it’s getting more difficult to get a message into the inbox of suitable customers, and harder still to make the recipients act on it. To supplement e-mail marketing efforts, aggressive online marketers are tapping into new tools and technologies that consumers now are finding valuable. These new approaches provide marketers with a great opportunity for highly targeted marketing communications with individual consumers. The Problem With E-mail Traditional e-mail marketing messages increasingly are more difficult to deliver to the consumer. Every Internet

E-commerce Link: Rise Above the Fray
August 1, 2006

Companies today are faced with the daunting task of standing out in crowded customer e-mail inboxes increasingly stuffed with spam, commercial opt-in, business and personal messages. The sad reality is that more than half of the 2.4 billion e-mail messages online marketers send out go unread. To win the coveted click, one thing is certain: Online marketers must send e-mail marketing messages that are more relevant and timely. Only then will they increase conversions. While marketers wring their hands over how to solve the problem, many are missing out on an obvious e-mail strategy; one that is fairly simple to implement and far more likely

A Fashion-forward Web Fix for Intermix
July 1, 2006

Challenge: Increase the functionality and boost revenue on a fashion retailer’s Web site Solution: Redesign Web site for greater operational ease and better customer service using a hosted e-commerce platform Result: Increase in visitor traffic and online sales In the fast-paced, competitive world of women’s retail, establishing a relationship with your customers is essential if you want to thrive. Nowadays, this means offering a multichannel experience, including a user-friendly Web site that supports your brand—a fact not lost on New York City-based women’s retailer Intermix. With more boutique retailers optimizing their multichannel efforts, and even the larger department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue

Three Online Customer Loyalty Mistakes to Avoid
May 3, 2006

If you fail to serve the customer, you will lose a sale and possibly others that might have followed, which is serious enough. But if you fail to manage your customer relationships intelligently, you will lost their trust and destroy your business relationship, writes Ken Burke, founder and CEO of e-commerce technology and services provider MarketLive, in his book “Intelligent Selling: The Art and Science of Selling Online.” Burke recommends you avoid the following common mistakes that have a negative impact on customer loyalty. 1. Channel misalignment: Customers get disappointed and lose respect for your business when online discounts are not honored offline, when return policies

E-commerce Link: Search and Rescue
May 1, 2006

Online sales continue to be robust, but with fewer new people shopping online, Web merchants are feeling lost in terms of catching their share of the online dollar. Search engines are good survival tools for staying in front of online shoppers, but they only work properly when the information fed to them is optimized to make the best of both paid and natural search. Here is a list of the 10 most important strategies to ensure your search engine marketing (SEM) program gets you through the storm.

Network to Drive Revenue
February 1, 2006

There are millions of people out there who not only love to shop, but love to talk about the things they buy. They’re talking online through social networks and online product reviews, providing marketers with a huge opportunity to drive sales. At first, a consumer’s desire to spread his or her opinions across the electronic universe seems very narcissistic. After all, who cares what BillyBob1634 in Sheboygan thinks about the latest iPod? Actually, millions of his online shopping peers do. They care a lot. They care more about his opinion than they care about yours. They’ve become numb to TV commercials, ads and e-mails, and they’re

Merchandise Your Web Site's Content
December 5, 2005

Lead generation has to be merchandised just like any other product. You have to clearly message to the customer at different levels of the site. You can definitely get more aggressive with your messaging the further down on the site you get. Pop-ups and other more aggressive tactics become more acceptable as customers drill down for more information. —Ken Burke, CEO, MarketLive Inc.

E-Commerce Link The Other Half of the Equation
August 1, 2005

By Ken Burke Marketing and customer acquisition costs are on the rise, and ROI-driven marketing is more important than ever. Accordingly, today's savvy e-commerce marketers invest precious time and money into meticulously selected search terms, carefully segmented e-mail campaigns and highly focused advertising. It's quite surprising then, how little thought goes into the other half of the equation, the landing page. Sponsored links, paid search terms, e-mail campaigns, banner ads and other external links are designed to attract self-targeted audiences and motivate them to click and buy. Online marketers agree that these ads are supposed to engage customers and make sales, not just

E-commerce Link: Ensemble Selling Online
November 1, 2004

A time-tested merchandising technique gets new vitality through data-driven personalization methods. A longtime goal of online merchants has been to create a pleasant, personalized shopping experience that encourages purchasing and repeat visits. Another goal of direct marketers is to increase average order sizes online. Ensemble selling—otherwise known as selling by merchandise collections—accomplishes both goals, and has seen widespread use because of its ability to get beyond the structured, linear character of the Web and speak to the emotional issues that drive the shopping behavior of targeted customers. Ensemble selling is so widely used and successful that it is becoming a standard

E-commerce Link: Show and Sell
August 1, 2004

Add flexibility to your online sales presentation with on-th-fly image generation Images sell. A Web site that actively uses its image assets as a merchandising tool has a distinct advantage in generating sales. Fortunately for online marketers, new dynamic imaging technologies let you use your images far more flexibly than ever before, vastly increasing the effectiveness of your online merchandising. These technologies allow you to create any number of high-quality images, place them anywhere on your site, and capitalize on your Web site data to customize them for any merchandising need. You can even personalize them according to your customer data. This is