Why Paid Search for B-to-B Companies is Dead (or Dying)
October 1, 2012

How many times have we seen the famous “SEO Is Dead” title? A Google search for the term yields results less than one-week-old showing that people are still trying to claim SEO is dead, or not dead or they don’t really know, whatever. So while I’m completely aware of the risks of claiming that a marketing channel is dead, I’m making this announcement in a clear mind and support it by a little bit of data and few disclaimers. I believe that paid search for B-to-B companies is dead

Sexy and You Know It
October 1, 2012

Have you been trying to seduce Google into giving your Web pages a number one spot—but Google keeps spurning your advances? There could be a good reason for that. You could be trying to "dress up" your content too much, and it's falling flat with the Big G. Part of that difficulty comes from the need to seduce Google. Instead of authentically writing great content—content that grabs their readers and doesn't let go—they focus instead on giving Google what they "think" it wants.

Challenge Emails: 'Go Away. We Don't Want You.'
July 27, 2012

"Stay in touch?" That was the headline on an email I got today from the folks at Pitney Bowes. What was notable, however, was the first line of copy: "We notice it's been a while since you opened an email from us ..." I honestly can't decide if this is a strategic insight gone awry, or a little creepy.

Lead Generation: 5 Steps for Managing Cost and Quality of Leads
July 24, 2012

Organizations target quality, but they don’t pay for it. That is one of the latest discoveries from the MarketingSherpa 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark Report. ... “In the past, it may have been acceptable to assume that if an organization can lower its upfront cost-per-lead, it will also increase lead generation, improve ROI and drive revenue,” said Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager, MECLABS. “This makes sense when calculated on a spreadsheet, but when rolled out in an evolved marketplace with an empowered buyer, it’s going to take a lot more than simply lowering the cost-per-lead

4 Email Marketing Tips: 72-Day Study Reveals What You can Learn From Presidential Campaigns
May 30, 2012

I will list four examples of how not to run your email marketing, based on U.S. presidential campaigns. I will also provide four tips for the campaigns on how to improve their efforts, which I think many marketers can learn from as well. I tried to keep this blog post as politically neutral as possible, which turned out to be easier than I thought when I started, since most of the efforts were pretty poor. The 72-day study of presidential campaign email marketing

Aligning a Persona’s Intent to Content and Action; Building a B-to-B Success Framework
May 22, 2012

MarketingSherpa recently released research indicating that 41 percent of B-to-B firms have established buyer personas, while 47 percent of organizations haven't. This isn't a shock. I've found that in the digital space most marketers are so concerned with moving fast just to keep up that they lose sight of whom they're actually trying to engage. The practice of persona creation isn't new, although the behaviors and ways your audience engages with your brand are. Today the consumer is in the driver's seat, so in order to be considered for purchase you must first be found and then be relevant.

10 Foolproof Ways to Earn Your Landing Page Visitors' Trust
April 20, 2012

Landing pages are a critical tool for meeting your ever-increasing lead generation goals. Actually, only 8 percent of marketers reported that dedicated landing pages were ineffective, according to MarketingSherpa's 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report. I'm not sure what those 8 percent are doing, but the effectiveness of landing pages for the other 92 percent of marketers hinges on one component that isn't often discussed—visitors have to trust you enough to give away their personal information on your landing page forms to obtain your offers. The thing is, we've all been burned too many times by companies that don't …

6 Tactics to Improve B-to-B Email Deliverability: 11% of B-to-B Email Is Classified as Spam
March 29, 2012

Deliverability is a complex topic that challenges every marketer using email. However, it is an even greater challenge for B-to-B marketers. B-to-B marketers must meet unique deliverability rule sets for each individual domain in databases filled with hundreds or more; whereas, B-to-C marketers likely have a database full of freemail accounts and can resolve an issue with that provider and settle a huge portion of the list with a single effort. Read on for six tactics from two email deliverability experts. They cover tactics on reputation, testing, domain distribution reports, mediation and more.

9 Ways to Make Your Marketing Analytics Actionable
February 20, 2012

Tracking your marketing analytics can provide a ton of great insight into the performance of your marketing initiatives, show your boss how marketing is faring, and help you to prove that inbound marketing is really paying off. But that's only a small piece of why analytics are valuable. In fact, the true value of your analytics is what you can do with them. Good marketers use analytics for the first few things we mentioned. Great marketers use them to adapt, improve, and modify their marketing efforts.

Findings From MarketingSherpa: Relevancy is Key
February 7, 2012

At the end of 2011, we talked about reasons subscriber preferences should be top priority and asked if you’re marketing to the right audience. The reason for this was simple: You should deliver the most relevant content possible in order to get the best results. If you’re curious what other email marketers feel about this, we now have the answers: 2,735 email marketers contributed to the 2012 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Report. Not only did the stats show that targeting your audience is a successful strategy, but Sherpa devoted an entire chapter to creating relevant content.