Mistake or Clever Test?
August 29, 2014

As marketers, we know that consumers are accustomed to providing personal information in exchange for something free. As business-to-business marketers, we know that gated content is one of the best ways to build a database of prospects. So the email I received recently from MarketingSherpa really surprised me

Stop Building Lists, Start Building Assets
June 18, 2014

If something doesn't make money, then it doesn't make sense. Email marketers are often underappreciated (and underpaid) because they don't effectively connect the dots for executives on the true ROI of their marketing efforts. Jeff Rohr's proposed solution is to change the conversation by adjusting the way marketers view what they contribute. In sum, stop telling people you build email lists and start telling them you're building proprietary assets that are exclusive to your company

Then and Now
March 1, 2014

B-to-B marketing is fundamentally different today than it was in years past, such as when I entered the field in 1979. Let me contrast then and now to show you the major differences and how it affects your work. Gets High Scores on Engaging Emails
January 28, 2014

Challenge: Email deliverability is now dependent on a sender’s ability to deliver engaging content to subscribers. Since engagement has become a key ingredient in ISP’s reputation scores, marketers need to up their game to play by the changing rules or risk poor ROI rates on campaigns. As we reported in a previous blog, 70 percent to 75 percent of email subscribers are inactive, marketers need to capture attention and invite engagement due to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL now incorporating

Email Segementation: Make Your List More Than the Sum of Its Parts
November 25, 2013

Segmentation is also one of the most powerful and often under-utilized features of email automation applications. Though automation makes the process simpler, many marketers are put off by overhead in the form of upfront work required to develop and deploy rules and testing scenarios that result in more effective targeting and conversion. Should they bother?

Virtual Numbers Might Be the One Thing Missing From Your Marketing Strategy
November 18, 2013

When you hear the phrase "internet marketing," you likely consider a lineup of options that are supposed to draw more customers to your brand or product. Perhaps you think a well-rounded approach to gaining the attention of prospects is some combination of search engine optimization, social media, viral videos and Google AdWords. If so, you're skimming right over an approach that has one of the highest return on investments of them all — VoIP business phone service.

8 Questions to Ask About Your Email Newsletter
November 14, 2013

Email newsletters are a great marketing tool for small businesses. Want proof? In 2007, MarketingSherpa published a ConAgra Foods case study illustrating 34.25 percent more product sales from consumers who subscribed to email newsletters vs. non-subscribers. Email is still an incredibly popular form of communication, even in the age of social media. Using an email newsletter to get consistent brand exposure to quality prospects and current customers is a proven way to bring in more revenue for your company.

A 2-Step Marketing Automation Strategy: Developing Workflows
October 3, 2013

A Workflow is more than just marketing automation. It’s a series of “if” and “then” descriptions that, when set to trigger in a strategic format, will help you save time and convert more contacts into customers. Think of the marketing automation, or workflow setup, like plumbing. You are piping your leads through a series of synchronized marketing events that prepares your target market to be ready for the next stage in the marketing or sales funnel

How to Maintain Your Email List for Engagement and Deliverability
October 1, 2013

Most companies focus their time and energy on building their email marketing list—as well they should. But it’s not enough just to build a list—you also need to maintain it. This means: Letting subscribers manage their preferences (or opt-out if they wish), and proactively cleaning and culling inactive subscribers. Email subscription centers: One of the best ways to manage your list—and simultaneously establish trust with your audience—is to allow them to take control of the communications they receive. By law, you need to allow subscribers to opt-out