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PR Newswire Signs on as Content Marketing World NYC Gold Sponsor
October 23, 2012

Content Marketing Institute (producer of the celebrated Content Marketing World conference), Target Marketing and Publishing Executive magazines are proud to announce that PR Newswire has signed on as the Gold Sponsor of their exclusive one-day event: Content Marketing World NYC.

5 B-to-B Search Engine Marketing Resolutions For 2012
December 29, 2011

With the holiday season winding down and 2012 just around the corner, it’s time to take a deep breath and get ready to plunge into the new year. When marketing teams get back from the New Year’s weekend, you can be sure that new found vigor and excitement will be in the air. For B2B search engine marketers, it’s time to seize the opportunity.

Here are five resolutions top of mind on my list for 2012, and recommended for other B2B search engine marketers as the new year begins.

Upstream's Marketing Communications Suite Adds New Features
June 2, 2011

Company: Upstream, a global mobile marketing solutions provider

Product/Service: New features to the gamification engine that forms an integral part of its Marketing Communications Suite technology platform

What it Does: Delivers key insights into customer interactions as they happen, enabling the platform to tailor campaigns so that its frequency, progress and content are driven by highly targeted mobile consumer segments, making it ultimately more rewarding and enjoyable for the consumer.

B-to-B Social Media Marketing: Yes You Can!
March 24, 2011

Business-to-business (B-to-B) companies don't get the credit they should for innovating with social media. While consumer brands generate big numbers on Facebook, some of the most effective users of tools such as blogs and online video are companies that primarily sell to other businesses. B-to-B firms were pioneers in social media, with some of the big technology companies supporting thousands of bloggers as early as 2006. They're still innovating and seeing results.

Channel Integration Strategies: Building the Ideal Customer Experience
September 1, 2002

Building the ideal customer experience By Linda C. Ireland Channel integration is a bit like customer relationship management—for every 10 people who discuss the idea, there are 15 definitions of what it is. And while integrating your channels generally sounds like a good idea, you may be struggling to define exactly why and how it can work for you. Channel Integration From Your Customer's Point of View It's easy to think integrating channels is about connecting all the places you sell your product or service—a Web site, catalog, land-based retail, resellers, etc. But let's look at channel integration from your customer's point

Warming Up to Cool Prospects
January 1, 2002

By Joyce L. Bosc In any marketing effort, there is a pool of prospects deemed more attractive than the others. In a business-to-business marketing effort, these hot prospects enjoy the greatest benefits of our direct marketing attention: frequent, consistent communication; expensive (and often elaborate) direct mail campaigns; seminars; lunch invitations; and other all-out efforts to create face-to-face opportunities or otherwise motivate the prospect into becoming a paying customer. But what about "cool" prospects? Especially in the b-to-b market, there is often a much larger pool of prospects who have been designated as less qualified, more difficult to reach, or generally not worth the time