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Market Focus: Elementary School Teachers
February 1, 2004

Reach Those Who Teach Elementary school teachers are responsible for making their classrooms conducive to learning. While the school districts may supply the textbooks and the desks, it’s the teachers who purchase much of the other materials for their classes—including workbooks, educational toys and videos. They also buy things to make the classroom a happy and bright place—items such as job charts, weather calendars and ABC posters. “Teachers control some school funds and spend some of their own money on school supplies, as well,” explains John Jeffery, president of ClassroomDirect and Sax Arts & Crafts, both divisions of School Specialty, a Greenville, WI-based

Market Focus - Marketing to Teachers (1,084 words)
June 1, 2001

By Donna Loyle They're highly educated, have above-average household incomes, and their ranks are filled mostly with women. Sounds like a marketer's dream demographic, doesn't it? In 2000, there were about 4 million elementary and secondary school teachers and college faculty members in the United States, and another 4.4 million school administrators, school librarians, guidance counselors, support staffers and others involved in education, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES). Moreover, NCES estimates another 2.2 million teachers will be needed in the next decade to handle enrollment growth and replace teachers leaving or retiring from the profession.