Marchex, Inc.

Remember Skype?
July 29, 2010

Skype, the the internet telephone service provider that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet, has been know for a some very creative VOiP applications over the years.

Calling All Customers
May 13, 2010

Company: Marchex, Inc., a call advertising and small business marketing company

Product/Service: Marchex Pay-For-Call Exchange, a performance-based call advertising product

What It Does: Connects advertisers to customers through phone calls driven from online, mobile and offline marketing channels

Call Analytics' 7 Best Practices
November 19, 2009

Call analytics — or automatic call tracking that works in concert with web advertising or full marketing campaigns — provides a great return on your marketing investments.

Marchex Reputation Management
October 15, 2009

Company: Marchex, a local search and performance advertising company Product/Service: Marchex Reputation Management, an online business intelligence tool

Marchexs Business Profile Pages optimized for mobile devices
February 12, 2009

Company: Marchex, a local search-and-performance advertising services provider Product/Service: Marchex’s Business Profile Pages optimized for mobile devices What It Does: Delivers click- and call-based local leads to national and local advertisers from paid and organic search results, directories, vertical Web sites, and, now, smart phones and other mobile devices