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All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Email Marketing
July 11, 2014

Much like you need to understand the ABCs to speak eloquently and need to memorize the periodic table to balance chemical equations, you must master the lessons of email marketing to deliver meaningful digital marketing campaigns—no matter which channel you are using. From testing and optimization to targeting and segmentation, the lessons of digital marketing were learned in email.

2 Tips to Improve Email Design
March 1, 2012

Email continues to be a powerful online marketing performer, but it is becoming increasingly critical to develop 
effective email design that showcases compelling content. That's because email subscribers and the tools they use for reading email are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Plus, ISPs are focusing more closely on subscriber/email interactions to gauge the legitimacy of email senders.

Time for a Tuneup
April 1, 2010

Is your e-mail design working hard enough for you? There are many elements that go into any e-mail 
template: the pre-header, the header, setting the appropriate width, deciding on the number of columns, calls to action and more. All of these need to fit together harmoniously to provide your readers with a good experience that motivates them to click through for more.

5 Ways to Strengthen E-mail Subject Lines
March 4, 2009

With the postal and shipping costs continually on the rise, e-mail communications are more popular than ever before. They’re cheaper, quicker and, oftentimes, more convenient. However, an e-mail is only as good as its subject line. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and in an e-mail, that first impression comes in the subject line.

12 Ways to Target Inactive E-mail Subscribers
June 25, 2008

Oftentimes, people opt in to e-mail lists—whether it be for newsletters, promotions or information—and then just ignore everything that’s sent to them. I know I do. But chances are, those individuals signed up for your e-mails for a reason, even if their actions don’t show it. For one reason or another, they’ve become inactive subscribers.…

Nuts & Bolts: Case Study
March 1, 2007

Challenge: Generate incremental sales without expensive promotions. Solution: Send product-specific e-mails to customer segments. Results: Implementation has helped annual sales surpass the $50 million mark. Since its launch in 1999, online jewelry firm has been on a mission to make it as easy as possible for customers and prospects to place an order. The average price point for its jewelry is $150; a monthly payment plan is offered on every item; and all orders come with free shipping. And that’s before special offers come into play. “Our site is laid out for impulse purchases,” says Henry Shih,’s database marketing manager, adding that the typical shopping scenario

To Each His Own E-mail
June 1, 2006

In old direct marketing parlance, marketers asked, “East or west of the Mississippi?” This was how they segmented customers and prospects. Segmentation by demographics is important, but in today’s landscape, marketers have to do much more in terms of understanding their audience than simple geographic segmentation. They need to be sure they’re delivering a relevant message to their audience every time. The Basics Let’s begin with the most straightforward type of segmentation: demographic. Demographic information probably is the most common type of information gathered from your customers, consisting of basic information such as name, address, phone and metropolitan statistical area (MSA). Their address and MSA, of

False-positive Filtering Rates Fall
September 1, 2005

False-positive filtering of permission-based e-mail was down in the second quarter of this year, according to the Lyris Technologies Q2 2005 ISP Deliverability Report Card. The report, published four times a year by the Berkeley, Calif.-based provider of e-mail marketing solutions, reveals that, on average, 1.4 percent of permission-based e-mails were improperly marked as spam by ISPs, down from 3.3 percent in the first quarter of the year. The report card also identified the top five domains to watch out for, i.e. those with the highest levels of incorrect filterings. But even with false-positive filtering trending downward, there still are steps you

Lessons in Multichannel Marketing
December 1, 2004

Scotiabank and Frederick’s of Hollywood mix media to propel customer interaction. Long before the Internet, direct marketing companies practiced multichannel marketing, especially business-to-business firms. But this layered communication approach was more about pushing sales messages to prospects and customers than it was about being accessible and ready to take sales or questions at the prospect’s or customer’s convenience. As the industry continues to realize, the Internet has completely transformed the direct marketer/customer relationship. By pairing e-mail and the Web with offline media, direct marketers are able to develop compelling campaigns that offer recipients the ultimate in communication choices. Benefits of Channel Coordination For Michael

Technology Roundup Products on the Cutting Edge
December 1, 2003

Products on the Cutting Edge By Noelle Skodzinski It's just like the modern-day chicken and egg: Does technology evolve and change society? Or does society demand technology to adapt to change? It seems with direct marketing, the technological chicken and egg arrive at the same time, spinning around each other in a tenacious dance. "Click-to-call" technologies became available just as companies began trying to improve unchartered customer-service issues on cold, impersonal Web sites. (If click-to-call is still new to you—as it is to many—you can read more about it below.) But,