The Web as a Magic 8 Ball: Quora, LinkedIn Answers and Q&A Site Best Practices
July 7, 2011

With billions of users and trillions of documents, it's always seemed like we should be able to lob any question into the internet and get an answer back, as if it were the world’s greatest Magic 8 Ball. Remember when Ask.com was Ask Jeeves and its claim to fame was that you could enter a search query as a natural language question? Or when “search directories” like Yahoo and LookSmart, curated by a community of experts, were viewed as viable competitors to purely algorithmic search engines like Google?

July 30, 2009

Company: LookSmart, a search advertising network and management company Product/Service: SmartRotation, a cost-per-action feature of AdCenter, an ad-serving and keyword auction platform What It Does: Automatically serves the best-performing ad creative in an ad group based on conversion data from a tracking pixel.