6 Reasons You're NOT Increasing Online Traffic & Conversions
July 25, 2013

There's no getting around it: It's a jungle in cyberspace. Each online marketer bows to the 800-pound Google Gorilla, trying to please The Beast so as to reach the equivalent of top-of-the searches nirvana. In reality, it's the little things you do that can help drive more targeted traffic, keep it, analyze it — and further serve your customers. Here are six reasons you're not increasing online traffic ... and grabbing more market share.

LivePerson Launches LP Insights
July 20, 2012

Company: LivePerson, a provider of real-time engagement solutions that increase conversions and improve the customer experience
Product/Service: LP Insights, a text analytics platform
What it Does: Captures, correlates and analyzes customer/agent interactions to transform feedback into real-time actionable data. Insights has the ability to monitor both unstructured data (e.g., customer words, behaviors, buying patterns) and structured data (e.g., survey results and key performance metrics). Combined, companies can now efficiently gain unprecedented insight into its business, customer service program, social media success and agent performance.

LivePerson Launches Keyword Lift to Increase Conversions from Paid Search Traffic
May 25, 2012

Company: LivePerson, a customer engagement platform

Product/Service: Keyword Lift, a tool that uses a proprietary analytics engine to identify keywords

What it Does: Uses data from past and current campaigns to identify the best possible keywords to help increase ROI. The tool automatically adjusts to changes in user behavior, search campaigns and website content to deliver accurate results.

OrderDynamics Announces Pre-Built Integrations With Industry E-Commerce Technologies
March 2, 2012

Company: OrderDynamics, a provider of on-demand e-commerce solutions

Product/Service: OrderDynamics’ Highly Integrated Virtual Ecosystem (H.I.V.E.), a dense collection of pre-built integrations with industry-leading technologies into the OrderDynamics’ on-demand e-commerce platform

What it Does: H.I.V.E. currently features integrations with leading e-commerce solutions such as FirstData, ShopRunner, CardinalCommerce, Avalara, Bronto, Canada Post, ChannelAdvisor, DHL, eBay, ShopSocially, Facebook, FedEx, Givex, Hosted PCI, LivePerson, Amazon, PayPal, PowerReviews,, Shopzilla, Google Product Search, USPS, Etilize and many more.

Can We Chat About Web Chat?
November 1, 2002

Why your call center absolutely, positively might need Web chat. By Mitchell Lieber Did you realize that your Web site is considered antiquated if it doesn’t have Web chat? Did you know that customers will desert your business if you don’t offer it? Hold on! That’s not quite true, yet—certainly not for all businesses. Perhaps some day it will be, but today, using Web chat should be carefully considered. See below for a few examples of companies that use Web chat, and others that don’t. All of these companies are icons in their markets. So how do you know if your Web