The Natural Marriage of Web and Direct Mail
January 1, 2005

By Carol Worthington-Levy Now that the dust has settled in the Web world, the survivors and newcomers are finally past the "trying to stay alive" phase and seeking ways to grow. The ultimate survivors have been catalogers, who have mailed aggressively for years and utilize their catalogs to draw the great majority of their online traffic. They also utilize their print catalogs to remind customers of the products on the Web. For the past few years, the catalog's close cousins, e-commerce sites (without a printed catalog), have depended on e-mail as one growth option, in addition to the various search engines, banners

Outsource Solutions: Creative Services
October 1, 2004

Hiring a Creative Consultant Whether you’re trying to jump-start a drained creative team, identify areas of opportunity in your direct mail program or simply tighten your billing cycle, a creative consultant can offer the outside expertise and perspective to help you achieve your goals. But where hiring a freelance copywriter or designer to create a new package is fairly straightforward, working with a consultant can be more tricky. To ensure a productive working relationship, it’s good practice to define your expectations up front, establish clear-cut goals and detail it all in a contract so there are fewer questions. Plan for Success For a consultant

Better Than the Real Thing?
September 1, 2004

While a few people receiving this self-mailer from EarthLink might look at its graphics and testimonials and think nothing of them, others might pick up on something right away. For starters, the testimonials are very specific. Each one highlights a distinct benefit offered by EarthLink and why it works for the person(s) speaking. In addition, the people featured in the photos look, well, almost too perfect. For those in the know, these testimonials come off as being orchestrated, consisting of fake copy and graphics that present the precise message EarthLink needs to relay to effectively sell its service. Featuring

Interior Designers
January 1, 2003

By Lisa Yorgey Lester We've often heard the cliché, "Home is where the heart is." In today's economic climate, however, "home is where the investment is" might be a more appropriate phrase. The stock market's roller coaster ride of late has spurred "a huge remodeling trend in the country," observes Linda Henry, senior editor of Window Fashions magazine. Many homeowners, she explains, are "investing their money in their homes instead of the stock market, finding it a safer investment as well as a way to enjoy their hard earnings." And while many homeowners may know the aesthetic they want to achieve, they don't necessarily

September 30, 2002

When trying to weather tough economic times, allow your cost of customer acquisition determine your prospecting strategy. Also, aggressively use list exchanges as opposed to renting prospect lists. —Michelle Houston, circulation manager, LENSER, a catalog circulation consultancy