Join Together to Improve the E-mail Trust Factor
September 1, 2008

In many ways, the nearly 10-year-old spam debate in this country has mirrored the great national political debate, with highly polarized sides, many ups and downs, and glimmers of productive industry cooperation here and there. If you look back at the past eight years in this country, you can rightfully wonder whether we've made any progress and are on the right track.

E-mail Marketing
May 1, 2008

In the early (let's call them pioneering) days of e-mail marketing, generating reasonable response rates and a decent return on investment was pretty easy. Sadly, the enhanced ROI was more a function of the low costs associated with blasting out thousands (nay, millions) of messages to unsuspecting consumers than of smart marketing.

Humanizing the Web
May 1, 2008

As the playing field levels for online retailers in terms of basic transactional capabilities—e.g., fast checkout processes, accurate shipping calculators, e-mail order confirmations—how can we increase sales and build competitive advantage in the years ahead?

4 Tips for Using Blended Search
April 24, 2008

Blended search is finally getting its close-up. The term refers to search results pages that go beyond text links and offer many kinds of content, such as video, images, audio, news and blogs. Google, Yahoo! and MSN started offering blended search results for some searches in the past year.

Five Best Practices for Adding Transactional E-mail to Your Marketing Mix
April 10, 2008

Industry analysts like Forrester Research and JupiterResearch, have predicted that service and marketing communications would converge. Some even have called the use of service-based, transactional e-mail the "new wave in e-mail marketing." If you have yet to add transactional e-mail to your marketing mix, you're missing a huge opportunity.

Getting Customers to Opt Out of Opting Out
March 1, 2008

While a recent study by the Direct Marketing Association’s Email Experience Council found online retailers do a great job of honoring unsubscribe requests quickly, it also found they could improve their opt-out processes, such as by providing subscribers with alternatives to opting out or at least lowering the barriers to doing so.

Does Your Web Site Have Performance Issues?
January 31, 2008

According to just-released data from JupiterResearch (www.jupiterresearch.com), your Web site may not be performing as well as you think it is. And, these performance issues may be causing lost sales.