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Psychological Tactics That Increase Mail Response
November 4, 2009

The two go-to components of a direct mail campaign—the list and the offer—may not (and often cannot) change much, as lists are better targeted and cleaner than ever before and many companies, especially in this economy, are giving potential customers "best offers" already.

Famous Mail
May 1, 2009

Valerie Bertinelli promises slimmer hips and thighs with Jenny Craig. Suzanne Somers used to make the same promise with the ThighMaster, recall? Morgan Fairchild offers love advice for Old Navy website visitors in a live chat. New England Patriot's star Tedy Bruschi touts the benefits of life insurance for Boston area consumers. Genevieve Gorder of "Trading Spaces" gives home improvement advice and endorses 3M Corp.'s building products. Teen idol Vanessa Hudgens shares her back-to-school wardrobe preferences in a Sears magazine aimed at teenage girls.

Mailing on a Shoestring Budget
December 1, 2008

Nine billion pieces of direct mail just went missing. That’s how many mail pieces the USPS estimates diminished from the mailstream in 2008, and there’s no uptick in sight. A decline of 9 billion pieces of mail has an enormous household impact. “There’s 110 million active households in the United States, but about 50 million of them really get the preponderance of mail. You divide that 9 billion into the 50 million households, and that’s pretty significant,” explains Monica Smith, president and CEO for Marketsmith Inc., a Morristown, N.J.–based multichannel marketing firm. In other words, every mailbox has seen a decrease. Direct mail