Marketing Technology Liberates and Enables
May 1, 2015

Marketing technology has exploded in the past three years. According to Chief Marketing Technologist, as many as 1,876 tech companies are battling it out for your dollars in 2015, nearly doubled in number from last year. The largest single category in marketing tech is marketing automation, with no fewer than 211 solutions available today.

iPerceptions Launches Active Research Platform
March 1, 2013

Company: iPerceptions, a voice-of-customer analytics provider
Product/Service: Active Research Platform
What it Does: The platform offers more in-depth analytics of visitor feedback by speeding up time to action and enabling a unique self-service survey creation capability.

iPerceptions’ Facebook Surveys Give Marketers Reliable Feedback
October 5, 2012

Company: iPerceptions, an online voice-of-customer analytics provider
Product/Service: iPerceptions’ Facebook User Feedback, a surveying solution for the social network
What it Does: iPerception's survey solution gathers qualitative data — e.g., why users visited a brand's Facebook page, if they were successful, what they thought of the page and how the experience affected their perception of the brand. Gathering this kind of information gives brands a better understanding of their audience, therefore improving conversion rates and increasing return on investment.

iPerceptions Introduces Comment Cards to Turn Online Complaints Into Actionable CRM
May 18, 2012


Company: iPerceptions, a web analytics company

Product/Service: Comment Cards, functionality to help turn online complaints into actionable CRM

What It Does: Enables companies to segment comments by type to isolate specific issues, respond to prominent comments and immediately take action. This tool includes a CRM inbox to help users manage their visitors’ feedback. Comment Cards will be a standalone solution by June 2012.



iPerceptions Offers Concept Clouds for ‘Voice of Customer’ Feedback
January 27, 2012

Company: iPerceptions, a provider of web-focused voice-of-customer analytics based on actual visitor feedback

Product/Service: The addition of concept clouds to iPerceptions’ 4Q Suite and webValidator Continuous Listening solutions

What it Does: Concept clouds create more accurate and actionable aggregations of open-ended feedback compared to traditional word clouds, providing clients with a quick and easy way to visually quantify open-ended feedback.

iPerceptions Launches Voice of Customer Feedback Solution for Mobile Sites
October 20, 2011

Company: iPerceptions, a provider of web-focused voice-of-customer analytics

Product/Service: Mobile Website Feedback, a random sampling survey solution for mobile websites

What it Does: The new mobile survey randomly invites website visitors to participate on arrival to provide immediate feedback post-experience. Random sample surveys that are shown on arrival are proven to deliver the most accurate feedback representation of all website visitors. The survey is optimized for virtually all mobile devices, including smartphones, feature phones and internet tablets.


iPerceptions Releases 4Q Suite
May 26, 2011

Company: iPerceptions, a provider of web-focused voice of customer (VoC) analytics and web and mobile analytics solutions

Product/Service: 4Q Suite, a tool that combines VoC and Google Analytics data

What it Does: By combining VoC and Google Analytics data, marketers are able to tie what customers did to why they did it. The new analysis features are intuitive, powerful and pay close attention to details, as shown in an automated weekly status email. Also featured is a graphic chart showing relative performance of purpose of visits.

iPerceptions and AT Internet Combine for Better Web Analytics
March 17, 2011

Company: iPerceptions, a provider of web-focused voice of customer analytics and web and mobile analytics solutions, and AT Internet, a web analytics solutions provider

Product/Service: A partnership between the two companies that will provide superior web analytics

What it Does: The integration of both companies and their software provides marketers with diagnostic capabilities that not only identify missing tags, double tags and Flash events, but also confirm that the data is being sent in accordance with partners' specifications.

11 Types of Analytics for 2011
January 13, 2011

I was recently interviewed along with other online marketing bloggers for the Inc. Magazine article 11 Best Analytics Tools. Not all of my picks made the article, so I’d like to share them with Get Elastic readers, as they’re pertinent to ecommerce. Rather than individual tools, this article will cover 11 different types to keep you busy in 2011.

How Much Money is Walking Away From Your Website?
December 16, 2010

For online retailers, there are many frustrations with web analytics and, in particular, clickstream data. While it can inform you of what visitors are doing on your site and how much revenue your site is generating, it can’t tell you why visitors came to your site in the first place or how much money you're potentially missing out on.