Internet Retailer

Dell Dude Doles Out Key Steps to Effective Ratings and Reviews Programs
June 18, 2009

Ratings and reviews have become prevalent on marketers' Web sites, but that doesn't mean they're being used effectively. During a session at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Boston earlier this week, Stuart Wallock, senior manager of global community and personalization at Dell, offered best practices for incorporating ratings and reviews on Web sites. 

E-mail Strategies and Tactics Exposed:
May 18, 2009

E-mail can be a powerful tool to drive return visitation, time spent, pages viewed, ads clicked, products purchased and more. Therefore it should come as no surprise that e-mail users are and often can become a brand’s most powerful evangelists. Why then do we all too often take them for granted?  

Boost Customer Experience
May 1, 2009

After a challenging holiday season, merchants face seemingly paradoxical imperatives in 2009: Continue e-commerce growth while holding the line on expenses. Now more than ever, merchants must invest wisely to stay competitive, and continue to improve and innovate online.

AOTA: E-Mail/Domain Authentication Adoption Exceeds 50 Percent
February 7, 2008

After a five-month review of more than 100 million e-mails from Fortune 500 brands, the Authentication and Online Trust Alliance reported last week that more than 50 percent of legitimate e-mail sent worldwide on a daily basis from more than 15 million domain holders is authenticated. E-mail and domain authentication protects consumers and their brands from forged e-mail and phishing ploys through adoption of Sender ID and DomainKeys Identified Mail, the leading standards of authentication.