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Daily Deals Spur Repeat Business: Nearly Half of Shoppers Return to Merchants
March 6, 2012

Forty-four percent of shoppers who use daily deals return to the merchants that provide the offers and another 47 percent of consumers plan to do so, according to a new report from ForeSee. The research firm based its report on responses from nearly 10,000 consumers visiting the top 40 e-commerce sites in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide last November and December. The survey also found that while 40 percent of daily deal buyers were already customers of the merchant offering a discount, 26 percent were infrequent customers and 29 percent hadn’t bought from them before.

Home Depot to Roll Out PayPal in Stores Nationwide
February 29, 2012

In coming weeks, Home Depot will equip many of its 2,000 stores with payment terminals that can accept PayPal as a payment option. Six weeks after The Home Depot Inc. began testing in-store PayPal acceptance, the national hardware chain has set a schedule to make the payment method an option in nearly all of its 2,000 stores, PayPal says. The test started in the East Bay area of San Francisco. Broader deployment began this week in Atlanta, Miami and New Orleans.

4-Steps to B-to-B E-commerce Success: Listen. Create. Test. Repeat.
February 15, 2012

The key to success in e-commerce lies in matching a retailer’s strengths with the needs of its customers, explained Paul Miller, vice president of e-commerce at W.W. Grainger Inc., which sells maintenance supplies, tools and spare parts mainly to businesses. The first step is to understand what the customer is trying to accomplish. “You’ve got to clear away the clutter and find out what it is they’re trying to do,” Miller said. “How do you make it so they can find it, buy it and move on?

The Good, Bad and Ugly of the Welcome Process
January 24, 2012

The sooner a subscriber is engaged, the longer and deeper they remain engaged with an email program over time. The welcome email is a critical phase in every life cycle; maximizing it pays big dividends. I decided to dive deep into the email welcome experience, studying an array of businesses with a focus on driving conversions. Opting into a brand's email program sets the stage for a follow-up strategy.

IRCE: Launch Your Mobile Commerce Site First, Then an App
June 16, 2011

Develop, test and launch a mobile website first, then take a look at what a mobile application could do for your brand, advised Ryan Abood, CEO of, who spoke at a session titled Getting Your Arms Around Mobile Apps yesterday at the 2011 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in San Diego.

An Ice Cream Treat for a Hot Summer Day
July 8, 2010

Maybe it's the heat … I received news this week about a partnership between Cold Stone Creamery and First Data Corp. that sounded so cool I had to share it with you. It seems that First Data, an e-commerce and payment processing provider, and Cold Stone Creamery, (you know what it is!), are offering a new gifting application through Facebook. Starting this week, Cold Stone fans can easily send a tangible “item-level” gift (e.g., ice cream creations, shakes) to a friend or loved one’s Facebook account or email address.

Grow Your Brand Globally Online
June 17, 2010

For beauty products retailer Estee Lauder, the constraints on luxury spending in the United States brought on by the recession forced it to rethink its growth strategy. With a tightening domestic market, the high-end brand looked across the Atlantic for revenue opportunities. In particular, e-commerce was targeted as the vehicle for this global expansion.

Melissa Campanelli's The View From Here: Notes From IRCE
June 10, 2010

Wait, is it 1999? That was my feeling as I walked through the exhibit hall during the 2010 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) in Chicago earlier this week. Crowded booths packed with people asking questions, lots of tchotchkes and smiling vendors were the order of the day on the floor. Of course they were smiling; the event was the "largest meeting of e-commerce professionals ever assembled," Internet Retailer Publisher Jack Love told a packed audience at the opening general session. Love told attendees the total attendance at IRCE 2010 exceeded 6,300 people, a 33 percent increase from IRCE 2009 in Boston last June.

8 Social Media Hits … and Misses
June 10, 2010

In the opening keynote presentation yesterday at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, David Griner and Dan Shust shared their thoughts on the effectiveness — or lack thereof — of eight social media campaigns from national retailers.

7 Questions to Pose When Making E-investing Decisions
June 18, 2009

Marketers spend a lot of time today deciding how much to spend on their future online marketing efforts. They also work to determine how their marketing efforts will factor into consumer spending patterns across product categories and demographic segments. One way to come up with a clear-cut plan is to ask yourself crucial questions, suggested Gian Fulgoni, chairman and co-founder of comScore, during a session at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Boston this week. He offered attendees seven such questions.