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This Is New: Happy #HalloThanksMas
September 5, 2014

Ever since our first date in 2004, Adam has insisted he won't celebrate what he believes are marketer-created holidays. I was pretty sure that meant I wouldn't get any Valentine's Day presents or anything for Sweetest Day, etc. I was wrong—we regularly exchange cards and gifts. However, Adam isn't the only skeptical consumer—as evidenced by the latest "holiday" that started showing up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday with the words, "Attention shoppers: With Labor Day behind us, your favorite Christmas decorations will be going up in stores and malls tomorrow. Happy Hallothanksmas!"

How Amazon, Mobile Commerce Are Challenging B-to-B Companies
February 21, 2014

Growth in the B-to-B space will mimic the growth and development seen in B-to-C channels, Forrester Research says. To keep up, B-to-B companies need to follow the lead of Amazon with easy-to-shop e-commerce sites and enter mobile commerce. Retail e-commerce leader Inc. and mobile commerce are setting higher standards for how companies must sell to other businesses through e-commerce sites and mobile devices, Forrester Research says in a new report titled, “The New and Emerging World of B2B Commerce.”

A Turnaround Idea for Slow 4Q Sales
November 20, 2013

Only about 30 days or so are left in the holiday season for 2013. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are around the corner. And if you're looking at your early Fourth Quarter results and can see you need a jolt of energy to turn things around, keep reading. Today we reflect on a shopping trend that began a year ago, and we you offer an idea you can implement

Canada’s Postal Company Tries Out Same-Day E-commerce Deliveries
September 19, 2013

In this age of global strife and tension, one emotion serves as common ground for consumers around the world: Impatience. At least that’s the apparent hope of an increasing number of e-retailers and e-commerce fulfillment providers who have moved to offer all but instant shipments of online orders. The latest organization to jump into the same-day delivery game is national mail and courier service Canada Post Corp. The move follows a similar test by the U.S. Postal Service, the introduction of a one-hour delivery promise by Chinese online retailer, the looming expansion of same-day delivery service Shutl into the

What an Online Sales Tax Would Mean
September 11, 2013

With a nationwide online sales tax law closer to reality than in the past, e-retailers worry that shoppers will be scared away by the extra cost at checkout. But one expert predicts such a law will free retailers to take advantage of services they now avoid because of tax concerns. Will online sales taxes scare away consumers? That’s the question before e-retailers as members of Congress ponder whether to pass a nationwide web sales tax law

7 Email Marketing Ideas You Should Implement Today
August 20, 2013

In my role at Silverpop, I spend a lot of time with our customers discussing their email strategy and how they can better use our technology to improve their email marketing results, and more importantly, increase revenue. Taking your email marketing program to a higher level requires improving practices throughout the email lifecycle—from acquisition to retention. Here are seven email marketing programs and tactics—some new ideas and some old ideas with a twist—that you should consider implementing today: 1. Capture more homepage opt-ins

3 Tips for Creating an Effective Online or Mobile Video Pitch
June 27, 2013

When it's time to tell your company's story to prospects, you need to make sure your pitch covers the highlights of your value proposition in a way that breaks through the clutter. Video is an effective way to get your message across; it provides viewers with an attention-grabbing summary and gives you the opportunity to clearly define your message.

Couriers Make Same-Day Delivery Cheaper
May 17, 2013

Consumers looking to have an online order delivered the same day they ordered it had to pay a high premium—$15 to $75—just a few years ago, says Rob Johnstone, president of the Customized Logistics & Delivery Association, which until this month was known as the Messenger Courier Association of America. But today growing demand from online retailers and other shippers for more shipping options, at lower rates, has forced his group’s members to change their business models and expand their services. The range of fees for same-day delivery is now about $4 to $50

Cash in On the Hidden ROI in Your Email Program
May 7, 2013

The other day, I was reading an article about email marketing. Much of the article substantiated what I believe many of us already know: email is a tremendously valuable marketing channel. In fact, the stats presented underscored just that, with 66 percent of marketers saying email generates a "good" or "excellent" return on investment. And it's great that so many marketers recognize the importance of email. But the article led me to ask a question: Do brands really understand the value of email for growing other parts of their digital business?

Google Launches a Wide-View Tool for Online Marketing
May 1, 2013

Online consumers who need at least two Web “steps”—say, a paid search ad or an email marketing message—before purchasing a product account for 66 percent of retail revenue, according to data Google Inc. started making available online this week. The data point comes from “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase.” It may sound like a dry report that claimed the life of a few dozen trees. Instead, it’s a website where users can toy around for free with information designed to show how online shoppers use Web marketing, at least in the aggregate