Marketing Technology Liberates and Enables
May 1, 2015

Marketing technology has exploded in the past three years. According to Chief Marketing Technologist, as many as 1,876 tech companies are battling it out for your dollars in 2015, nearly doubled in number from last year. The largest single category in marketing tech is marketing automation, with no fewer than 211 solutions available today.

The 5 Simple Steps to Profit With Google AdWords
October 27, 2014

Google AdWords search advertising is one of the best marketing opportunities for businesses. Where else can you display your product or service to prospects that are literally searching for what you have to offer?

How to Market Consistently When You Have NO Time
March 5, 2014

You know you need to market consistently. You have the best intentions of doing so, but you find yourself constantly distracted by the phone ringing, email piling up, invoices to send, clients to help, voicemails to return and the paper that is growing out of your desk. What’s a busy marketer to do? Here are five ways you can market your business consistently when you have NO time

8 Essential Digital Marketing Skills for Content Marketers in 2014
February 25, 2014

Like many other digital marketing agencies, we’ve been on the hunt for digital and content marketing talent on a continuous basis over the past few years. Increased demand and competition are driving the need to find people with skills that can actually create impact, vs. fuzzy “potential.” Companies looking for agencies are in the same boat, challenged to find partners that can actually affect business goals. Sadly, there are few knights in shining content marketing armor

Copywriting for Social Media Marketing: 3 Best Practices for 2014
December 6, 2013

Effective copywriting for social media marketing was the game changer in 2013. Still trying to prove ROI on social media? Make 2014 the year you stop obsessing over measuring trivial stats—and start generating leads with social media. Do it without sacrificing brand integrity or annoying prospects. Use these three, proven social media copywriting best practices.

Why Your Brand Needs Email Smarts More Than Ever in 2013
January 10, 2013

Email marketing has been sneaky hot of late. In many ways it has experienced a healthy metamorphosing into part of a long-promised broader digital marketing arsenal focused on what matters most for the majority of businesses: making money. New and growing businesses are stealth in how they embrace email. You will hear marketing automation, cloud-based marketing platforms, digital messaging, CRM, and the like, but the companies valued highly and/or raising a ton of money or being acquired feature email front and center. I'm talking about ExactTarget, Pardot, Eloqua, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, and the list goes on.

Iron Tribe Fitness Automates Success
September 1, 2012

Like the arc of a kettlebell swing, Internet prospects were once at the bottom of the lead bucket for Iron Tribe Fitness. This year, that channel managed to swing to the top for the Birmingham, Ala.-based business. In February 2010, when its first gym opened, prospects used to call or walk in the front door in order to become members, says Jim Cavale, Iron Tribe's vice president of operations. "We never expected it to be literally flipped around in an opposite manner."

7 Secrets to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign
June 26, 2012

Direct mail is one of the most overlooked yet one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to dramatically increase the leads to your business. ... Direct mail and direct marketing are trackable, inexpensive and the results are easily measurable. No matter what your business is, lead generation is vital. Direct mail is a great way to have a predictable number of leads coming into your pipeline each and every week or month for a low cost. Below are the seven keys that I have noticed from my own real estate business and from studying direct marketing

4 Email Marketing Trends Seen in the B-to-B Inbox
November 9, 2011

Trends in B-to-B email marketing show that the channel aiming to communicate with this specific audience is perhaps one of the most integrated, current ones around. Plus, the communication flow is circular.

3 Segmenting Techniques Small Business Can Use To Train Customers to Listen and Anticipate
June 9, 2011

Most marketers actually train their audiences to ignore them. Think about how many emails you get that you automatically delete without even thinking. At some point you decide the content you receive from those senders isn’t important anymore. At that point you start to ignore them. Are you training your list to ignore ... or to anticipate? Good marketers actually build a relationship such that customers  want to hear from them.  The secret to developing this kind of relationship lies in understanding how to segment your list so that each recipient