8 Search Marketing Tactics for the Holiday Season
July 23, 2009

Come this holiday season, retailers will be competing more than ever for their share of a far more limited buying pool. The winners will be the ones who shout the loudest about their products at precisely the time buyers need them. Here are eight tips for capturing your share of the market, while leaving your competitors silent and invisible:

How Friendly Is Your SEM?
July 1, 2008

Search engine marketing, both paid and natural varieties, is an ever-changing landscape. Not in the least, because as more people go online to search out solutions for their challenges, marketers are shifting ad dollars to better their products’ and services’ chances of being found and purchased. According to the 2007 State of the Market survey developed by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), spending on SEM in North America is projected to reach $25.2 billion by 2011; this follows a banner year in 2007, during which the North American SEM industry grew more than 20 percent to hit $12.2 billion in spending. Because

3 Tips for Page Design SEO
June 11, 2008

Web site redesign is a perilous time for marketers. Not including search engine optimization best practices during this process can severely jeopardize your rankings in the engines. While a new URL syntax and a “prettier” homepage using Flash might make your site more visually appealing, neglecting SEO best practices during the redesign can cause you to lose your site equity, bringing you back to square one. Keep in mind simplicity, not complexity, when doing a site redesign, and put the most important content where it should reside—front and center. There is no need to make the user hunt for the products or services you