Nuts & Bolts: Fast Facts
December 1, 2007

With the buzz about Web 2.0 technologies and interactive marketing as the next new wave, marketers are asking, “What do the numbers say?” In a recent issue of its Marketing Sector Deal Notes, PetskyPrunier LLC notes that merger and acquisition activity in the marketing technology industry increased exponentially in the first half of 2007. According to the report, one reason for this year’s high level of consolidation is “activity within the interactive segment reached a pinnacle, trimming the significant gap between interactive marketing spend and online media consumption.” Deal Notes reported about 10 percent of the total marketing spend in the first half of 2007

The Incompetence of General Ad Agencies
October 25, 2007

This was a banner week for marketers and their ad agencies crying HELP! The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal ran long stories about the inability of Web advertisers to determine whether their ads were effective or not. I have spent 45 years in the world of direct marketing, a discipline that is able to measure results down to a gnat’s eyebrow—whether it be mail, space. TV, radio, telephone or the Web. Our feedback comes directly from those to whom we advertise. Yet the world of general agencies has somehow conned the dumb little yuppie MBA corporate brand managers into believing that it’s okay