3 Options for Your Direct Marketing Mobile Strategy
October 12, 2011

"We've decided to go mobile. Now what?" It's a question many business leaders are asking these days. With the online buzz encouraging businesses to become mobile accessible, reaching customers' smartphones is quickly becoming as important as reaching their PCs. As technology continues to advance, businesses not utilizing the mobile Web will be at a great disadvantage.

Apply Game Mechanics To Your Marketing Efforts And Boost Engagement
September 12, 2011

Use of game dynamics is nothing new.  In fact, gamification elements have been used in marketing strategies for a long time.  In my new report, Gamification Of Marketing Strategies Boosts Consumer Engagement, we take a close look at gamificiation through the lens of the Interactive Marketer and answer why it's one of the buzzwords of late.

The New Online Wars
June 6, 2011

Eric Schmidt spent 10 years as chief executive of Google Inc., taking the company from a rapidly growing search engine to a global behemoth that provides operating systems for mobile phones and Web-based software for consumers as well as being the synonym for finding stuff online. Mr. Schmidt, who recently handed over the CEO job to Google co-founder Larry Page, is now the company's executive chairman. He spoke with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg about the new platform wars, keeping information private and using technology for good and evil.

HP, UPS, Wells Fargo Top Performing Brands on Twitter
May 10, 2011

To determine how Fortune 50 companies are using Twitter to interact with customers, digital agency IQ went undercover as an ordinary consumer posing questions to brands via their Twitter accounts. The experiment involved IQ social media strategist Sarah McFather tweeting straightforward customer service inquiries tailored to a company's product or service. For example, asking AT&T when the next iPhone was coming out, asking GE for energy-saving suggestions, or Bank of America about whether the bank should be notified of a customer's international travel so their credit card will not get denied.

Turf Wars within Mobile Harms Overall Marketing
March 21, 2011

The past couple of years have been dominated by one-upmanship within the mobile advertising and marketing ecosystem. It seems the only way one mobile channel can succeed is by demeaning another. This must stop. The ongoing civil war – and it is a civil war – is doing marketing no good, forget the fact that it gives media buyers yet more excuse to delay serious inclusion of mobile in multichannel budgets. Indeed, the camps are so clearly defined that it is embarrassing. And it goes all the way to the top.

Fortune Global 100 Social-Media Savvy, Getting Savvier
March 14, 2011

Twitter is emerging as the leading social platform among the world's largest corporations: 77% of the Fortune Global 100 (FG100) have a Twitter account, while 61% have a Facebook page, according to a report by Burson-Marsteller.

Alinean Introduces Social Media ROI Calculator
January 18, 2011

"In today's 'age of austerity' every significant investment requires proof of bottom-line impact — a condition called Frugalnomics," said Tom Pisello Alinean research measured the engagement levels and derived value of Fortune 500, and select mid/small company social media campaigns. This research revealed that the ROI can be calculated through the Social Media Value Chain, a method for quantifying the costs, benefits and bottom-line value, including: The Social Media Value Chain research and key findings were embodied in a Social Media ROI Calculator to help marketers model the level-of-engagement and derive the investment requirements, benefits and ROI.

Top U.S. Postal Service Contractors for FY 2010: FedEx Is Again USPS’s Largest Supplier
January 11, 2011

Husch Blackwell's Postal Service Contracting practice group today released its list of the top 150 U.S. Postal Service suppliers for fiscal year 2010, and for the eighth straight year FedEx claimed the No. 1 spot with Northrop Grumman jumping from fourth to second. The list is compiled by David P. Hendel, a partner in the firm who has served clients' postal contracting needs for 29 years. This is the 15th year for the list. First-place FedEx transports Express, Priority and First Class Mail, and earned postal revenues of $1.372 billion in fiscal 2010 - falling slightly from the $1.4

People and CEOs Who Hide Out in the Web
August 10, 2010

I’m a see guy not a hear guy.

I write better than I talk.

Expressing myself on the phone is difficult while e-correspondence is a breeze. I’m good at it; I get to the point; I don’t waste people’s time.

Nothing drives me crazier than the voice-mail jail that certain organizations have instituted. They start with the following recorded message:

“Your call is important to us …”

Whereupon I am given a world-class runaround of confusing choices—all recorded—that takes me further and further into the corporate labyrinth. One wrong choice and I am sent back to “GO.” Finally I get:

“All our representatives are currently busy … However, your call is important to us …”

What that message is really saying: “We’re having happy hour here in India and you are a big fat pain in the ass.”

PURLs of Wisdom
January 1, 2009

For companies that had their heads in the clouds when it came time to upgrade their computers, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and JDA Software Group thought it was time for some skywriting. The technology firms sent out personalized direct mail pieces that featured a man with his arms spread upward, experiencing an epiphany due to these fluffy words forming above his head: “Bruce Schwartz, The Moment Has Arrived.”