There Is No ‘Right Way’
May 1, 2012

According to our 2012 Media Usage Forecast, 96 percent of our readers market through email and most of you are increasing budget for it. This month's cover story will show you some great things Daryl Nielson and his team are doing with email at HP. However, email is not "The Answer."

Using Paid Search to Find New Customers: Link 6 in the Acquisition Chain
April 27, 2012

Paid search is a more complex customer acquisition chain than all the others, as there is an extra link involved. Consumers search on a particular term and then see organic and paid ads, from which they choose. Clicking on any of those links takes them to the advertiser’s site. As a result, the initial link “ad message” now becomes two links: search term and search results page. After that, the rest of the links are the same. For this analysis, we entered four keywords based on products/services that we were interested in purchasing.

iWin: How Apple Turned the Foxconn Scandal Into Another Way to Beat Its Competitors
April 3, 2012

Even when Apple loses, it still wins. The well-buffed image of the world’s most valuable company has been scuffed in recent months by investigative reports and activist campaigns ... On Thursday, the flood of bad reports continued, with the independent Fair Labor Association releasing the results of its probe of Foxconn, outlining the expected litany of abuses. But for once, this was not bad news for Apple. The company had sanctioned the FLA’s report, and its response was a masterstroke

Global Marketing Budgets to Shift to Emerging Markets
March 15, 2012

A survey by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) of its members reveals that almost 60 percent of global marketers are shifting budget to focus on new markets for growth. Nearly 95 percent think future growth will come from outside the U.S. Based on 65 responses from marketers representing nearly $40 billion in global ad spend, the survey found that marketing best practice is increasingly found outside the U.S. More than 71 percent of global marketers think that some of the best work is now developed in other markets.

How User Personas Can Improve Your Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy
February 3, 2012

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a technique that should be in every digital marketer’s arsenal—it would be shortsighted to drive huge volumes of traffic to your site if you haven’t got an eye on whether they're converting or not. But how do you make sure that you’re optimizing your site for all of the different types of users who visit your site, many of whom will have different aims and intentions for their visits?  User personas offer a means of identifying these user groups and presenting them in an accessible format that can be shared throughout your business.

Twitter Rolls Out Expanded Brand Pages for More Companies
February 3, 2012

Twitter has started rolling out its enhanced brand pages to more advertisers. The social networking site—which announced in December that it would be introducing Facebook-style brand pages for companies to customize and highlight content—has extended the platform to National Public Radio, NBC News, Volkswagen, The Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, Anobii and others, the company told Mashable. “Enhanced profile pages will continue to roll out to advertising partners, as well as other select partners, charities, media organizations and individuals,” Twitter spokesperson Carolyn Penner said.

58% of Consumers Plan To Buy Smartphones
January 17, 2012

The smartphone market is still expanding: US adoption is expected to surge from 97 million devices in 2011, to 175 million by 2015, according to Yankee's forecast. Below, key findings from Yankee Group's report titled "The Runaway Smartphone Landscape," based on a survey of 15,000 US consumers in December 2011 and Yankee Group research. Nearly one-half (47%) of surveyed US consumers now own at least one smartphone, and 58% of consumers plan to buy a smartphone as their next mobile device.

101 Examples of Social Business ROI
January 13, 2012

A few years ago, I put together a list of social media marketing examples. The list contains 324 examples of brands putting social media to use and at that point in the social media industry's evolution, it was the best of what was around (and still might be). Now that initiatives have been in market, any reasonable business manager would expect to see program results. However, quantified results in social business and brands willing to stand behind them are difficult to find. But the truth is out there …

Why Are U.S. Marketers Sleeping on Transpromo?
January 6, 2012

That standalone, tip-in brochure that comes with your credit card, bank or utility statement each month—odds are pretty good you toss it into the recycle bin without a second thought. But what if the product or service advertised on that throw-away was instead dropped into a personalized message on the document you actually spend time poring over—the bill?

So, What's Your Algorithm?
January 4, 2012

You probably hate the idea that human judgment can be improved or even replaced by machines, but you probably hate hurricanes and earthquakes too. The rise of machines is just as inevitable and just as indifferent to your hatred. Business people have been having such fantasies of rationalism for decades. Until the last few years, they have been stymied by the cost of storage, slower processing speeds and the flood of data itself, spread sloppily across scores of different databases inside one company. These problems are now being solved.