People and CEOs Who Hide Out in the Web
August 10, 2010

I’m a see guy not a hear guy.

I write better than I talk.

Expressing myself on the phone is difficult while e-correspondence is a breeze. I’m good at it; I get to the point; I don’t waste people’s time.

Nothing drives me crazier than the voice-mail jail that certain organizations have instituted. They start with the following recorded message:

“Your call is important to us …”

Whereupon I am given a world-class runaround of confusing choices—all recorded—that takes me further and further into the corporate labyrinth. One wrong choice and I am sent back to “GO.” Finally I get:

“All our representatives are currently busy … However, your call is important to us …”

What that message is really saying: “We’re having happy hour here in India and you are a big fat pain in the ass.”

Customer Service Serve Better, Sell More
September 1, 2005

By Irene Cherkassky Mike Faith, founder and CEO of San Francisco, Calif.-based headset provider Headsets.com spoke about customer service at the 6th Annual Merit Direct Business Mailer's Co-op and Interactive Marketing Conference held this past July. Founded in 1997, Headsets.com has grown from a $40,000 investment to $17 million in sales last year. Projected sales for 2005 are in the $30 million range. Faith attributes much of that success to the company's dedication to exceptional customer service. His firm belief is that customer service is not only the right thing to do, but also is good for a company's bottom line. Faith believes