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How DRTV Fits Into an Integrated Marketing Campaign
July 17, 2013

Direct response TV has been a "team player" in an advertising world where disparate media and strategies are increasingly called upon to work well with others for the good of the entire campaign. Here are eight ways the medium works well with other advertising mechanisms.

Five Tips for Online DRTV Success
March 5, 2008

In a speech entitled “How Consumers Navigate the Multichannel Landscape,” given this Monday at the eRetailer Summit, Sieglinde Friedman, vice president of strategy for the Electronic Retailing Association, suggested the future of DRTV hinges on the convergence of TV and online technology. The presentation centered on a study by the ERA and Forrester Research that polled 600 consumers across the U.S., of which 16 percent said they shopped via TV last year and a whopping 99 percent said they made purchases online. This propensity for online purchasing has attracted many traditional advertisers to the world of e-commerce. “Traditional advertisers, in their online video marketing

Video Revolution
October 1, 2007

TV advertising is under attack with daily news headlines dripping with portents of doom. The funny thing is, it’s our industry colleagues who repeat the alarmist refrain. Media consumption is hopelessly fragmented. Viewership is dwindling. When people do watch TV, they all like to bail on commercials. Should they actually see a commercial, they have a hard time remembering the advertised product. Things are so topsy-turvy, says Nielsen Media Research, that 21 percent of viewers can’t even remember the programs they see. Marketing pundits proclaim uniformly that the Web is the future of advertising. Commercials on TV? Stick a fork in them; they’re

Spot-on Creative
March 1, 2006

Success in any medium requires a thorough understanding of which techniques make a campaign breathe and grow versus those that cause it to wither and die on the vine. Winning creative for direct response television (DRTV) spots—whether short-form or long-form—hinges on several dictums that have not changed, regardless of consumers’ growing practice of commercial-skipping. Of course, following the creative rules does not guarantee success. Tim Hawthorne, president and executive creative director of full-service DRTV agency Hawthorne Direct, in Fairfield, Iowa, points out: “Poor creative rarely can inhibit a great DRTV product from hitting a home run. Great creative rarely can prohibit a poor DRTV

It’s All About the Offer: But Wait, There’s More
November 1, 2004

Offers that drive response to DRTV spots The offer presentation in a direct response television (DRTV) spot is a careful orchestration: The marketer wants to build up perceived value for its product with value-added deals, while also convincing prospects that the price is nowhere near the actual value of what’s being offered. In fact, says Ron Perlstein, CEO and executive producer of Infoworx, a full-service direct response television agency in Boca Raton, Fla., often you want the premiums to look more valuable than the core product. Establishing a market price for each product and premium and then presenting your reduced deal is the basic way to