Take Command of Marketing Data Governance—Because We Have To
August 20, 2012

The emergence of "big data" as an enterprise concern for many businesses and organizations is, as with most trends, both an opportunity and a concern. I recently was involved in reviewing new and recent Aberdeen Research on "Big Data"—how it is defined, how it is changing information volume (astounding in quantity), variety (both structured and unstructured, with tremendous pressure to integrate and make sense of it), and velocity (pushing the insight, analytics and business rules that flow from such data to lines of business that can best profit from it).

Prospecting to IT Buyers: How Nine Data Vendors Stack Up
August 3, 2012

Buyers of information technology (IT) are one of the most valued audiences targeted by business marketers. Globally, these professionals spend $3.6 trillion on hardware, software and technology services. My colleague Bernice Grossman and I recently investigated the availability of prospecting data available to tech marketers for reaching this desirable group, and we found some surprises.

What Is a Data Broker? The FTC's Muddled Message
August 3, 2012

You might wonder why I'm asking this question or wonder why you should care, but you should care. If you are a marketer, you are either a data broker or you do business with one. And, data brokers have become an area of interest in Washington.

Reducing UAA Must Focus on New Movers
June 13, 2012

In a recent post, I addressed the issue of undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail, and how brands, businesses and other mailers lose more than $1 billion a year by not getting their mail addressed properly. It's a solvable problem. Both the USPS and the DMA have made public commitments to reduce UAA as an industry goal, both of which would help marketers and their bottom lines. Progress toward UAA reduction, however, has not been uniform.

Cost-Efficient Direct Mail: How to Take Advantage of Today's Postal Discounts and Programs
May 22, 2012

"Too many advertisers are leaving money on the table," says Charley Howard, VP of Postal Affairs at Harte-Hanks, "overlooking critical discounts and incentives, and not planning and tracking their mail precisely." This webinar, featuring Howard alongside the VP of Domestic Products for the USPS, Gary Reblin, will give an up-to-date insider's look at the U.S. Postal Service's discounts and programs.

With DirectMarketingIQ Chief Content Officer Ethan Boldt, we'll identify current USPS discounts and programs that companies are eligible for, including the summer promotion involving mail and QR codes for mobile marketing tie-in.

Attendees can also expect to learn the following:
-The formats and techniques that cost $ vs. save $ for the printer and mailing company
-The amount of work, details and time that's required to fulfill the requirements of each of these discounts/programs
-Case study examples of mail campaigns that took advantage of each of these discounts
-The kind of programs that the USPS is likely to launch in the future

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4 Essential Social Marketing Strategies
May 1, 2012

Marketers tend to think of 
social media as a channel in-and-of-itself—a way to engage, interact and dialogue. But what every marketer should know is each social network or platform has its own requirements. Social is not "done" by creating some content blurbs, posting some video and calling it a day.

Rethinking Marketing - HBR
May 1, 2012

Companies have powerful technologies for understanding and interacting with customers, yet most still depend on mass media marketing to drive impersonal transactions. To compete, companies must shift from pushing individual products to building long-term customer relationships. The marketing department must be reinvented as a “customer department” that replaces the CMO with a chief customer officer, makes product and brand managers subservient to customer managers, and oversees customer-focused functions including R&D, customer service, market research and CRM.

4 Tips to Improve Environmental Performance of Email and Digital Communications
March 19, 2012

When discussing the sustainability of marketing, attention very much needs to be paid to digital communications. Many fall into a trap: We may believe we are being environmentally "good" when we use a digital message in place of a print message. Evidence increasingly tells us to think more deeply.

Seven New Directors Join DMA Board
October 3, 2011

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Board of Directors today announced the election of new Board members for 2012-2013. The terms of office commenced at DMA’s Annual Business Meeting, which was held Sunday, Oct. 2 at the Fairmont Hotel in Boston, Mass.

Trend Setting
October 1, 2011

With all the attention on the debt crisis this summer—including the debt crisis at the U.S. Postal Service (USPS)—it's easy to overlook how fascinating direct mail has become in our multichannel age. Many brands continue to use mail in their media mix—and why not?