Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing

Harte-Hanks Makes Personalized, Highly Variable Content Available to Direct Mail With Acquisition of High-Speed Digital Print Technology
March 27, 2013

Harte-Hanks, Inc., a worldwide direct and targeted marketing company, announced today the immediate availability of high-speed digital print capabilities that make direct mail relevant, resonant and a fully integrated part of today's multi-channel marketing environment. Harte-Hanks's investment in digital print technology is a key part of the company's commitment to reach the right customer, with the right message, through the right channel, at the right time.

7 Questions Marketers Must Face in 2012
February 1, 2012

Every marketer has an opinion about what constitutes marketing success. Every brand has its own reputation among its peers and loyalty among its customers. It has its own starting point, as well as its own sophistication level in multichannel marketing. However, there are common challenges and opportunities—themes we hear in the conversations we have. Here are some key questions and insights to shape your marketing strategies in 2012 and beyond.

DTRIC’s Linh DePledge on Multichannel Marketing
October 31, 2007

DTRIC’s marketing performance was on a downward slide. The Hawaii-based insurance provider was facing increased price competition from high-profile mainland companies, low name recognition and a lack of a clear corporate image. To counter this trend, DTRIC enlisted the support of San Antonio-based Harte-Hanks, a worldwide, direct and targeted marketing company, to develop and execute a strategic, multichannel approach that increased awareness of DTRIC’s automobile insurance offerings. Using a combination of television, Web, direct mail and other media such as sign-waving events and elevator signage, Harte-Hanks gave DTRIC a personal touch with its creation of a surfer character. Known as “the Deetric dude,” the character

Database: An Ensemble of Models
January 1, 2007

Data miners continually search for ways to improve the predictive accuracy of their marketing models. During the last few years, there have been improvements in the technology tools available that do just that. Additionally, new data sources periodically are introduced that further enhance the modeling result. Processes for employing data and tools have progressed, as well. One approach frequently overlooked by analysts involves developing a series of models, and then combining their outcomes to improve the overall prediction. Creating a set of models can be accomplished in a variety of ways, which I’ll explain later. But first, a little background. When individuals make decisions,

Three Key Web Metrics to Watch
November 1, 2006

Terms such as clickthrough, cost-per-click and channel integration get a good deal of attention from online marketers these days, but the real holy grail of the online world is that other “c” word: conversion. “Despite advances in both technology and design, most Web-based marketing efforts reveal a continuing struggle among business leaders, marketers and developers to grasp a fundamental truth—success hinges on conversion,” writes Jeannette Kocsis, vice president, digital marketing for Harte-Hanks Direct in the recent whitepaper, The Conversion Point—Leveraging the Web to Convert Visitors into Customers. The challenge for most marketers, however, is how to get to that much-sought-after point. The best place

Five Low-tech Data Mining Tips
June 28, 2006

In the data mining world, many would have you believe that refining the technical aspects of the analytic process is key for improving the performance of mining exercises and the insight gained from them. While there is some truth to this, the critical area for progress lies in the non-technical procedures that are so vital to a powerful outcome. Here are five low-tech ways to improve your data mining exercises, with a view to preventing all-too-common errors that can keep marketers from optimizing customer relationships. 1. Take time to prepare your data. We’ve all heard the “garbage in, garbage out” slogan that suggests the quality of the