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20 Valentines Day Marketing Ideas for E-commerce
February 14, 2012

Last year, Valentine’s Day raked in $905 million in online sales. Last year, Discovery Card conducted a Valentine’s Day Shopping Survey and found that: Men expected to spend an average of $127 on their ladies, and the ladies $74. Of the women, 53 percent said they would purchase gadgets for their men. ... 65 percent would make their purchase one week before February 14. 10 percent of men would wait until February 14. 39 percent of women planned on spending nothing. 22 percent of men and 15 percent of women planned to purchase a gift online.

Marketing With a Pop
February 1, 2011

I’ve used the marketing concept of pop-ups as a tool to help companies in all sorts of industries—not just retail—think about how their brands can learn from these experiences and simulate the effects of these pop-upesque opportunities.

B-to-B Writing Clinic
October 1, 2010

It’s true that consumer direct response headlines can get pretty clever, daring and even outrageous. But powerful headline writing

Economic Impact on List Rental Supply vs. Web 2.0 Insights
April 29, 2009

Given the consideration that revenues from list rental may offset losses from other areas on a direct marketer’s income statement, would a slowed economy in 2009 bring more new lists to market? Many would like to think so, but the hypothesis needs to be tested and getting to the answer is not that simple.

Go Beyond the Datacard
November 14, 2007

Whether publishing a magazine, marketing a product or operating a nonprofit organization, successful direct marketers all share one thing in common: a base of multisourced customers. Add them together and you have an incredibly large and robust universe to draw from. Why then do so many marketers find it difficult to profitably acquire new customers from outside lists, particularly from outside their own market category? Simply put, they don’t dig deep enough. One glance at a datacard and many a good list gets passed over. But in today’s data-driven world, marketers have more information at hand than can fit on a datacard. And too

Production and Paper Special Report: Cycling Through Your Options
June 1, 2006

Consumers have become increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the companies from whom they buy, and the direct mail delivered to their doorstep is a conspicuous reminder of paper consumption. Fortunately, finding a suitable paper that contains post-consumer waste is possible for just about every direct mail application. However, identifying a supplier that can provide product at the desired cost and composition requires knowing where to look. Not Your Grandfather’s Recycled Paper “Any [direct mail] product can be made with recycled fiber” without losing quality, according to Brian Cummins, the product and value chain manager for publications at paper manufacturer Stora Enso. Cummins says

Keeping Web Sites Fresh
February 1, 2003

Six Low-cost, No Fuss Ideas to Generate Repeat Visits By Amy Africa According to traffic patterns, the typical business-to-consumer Web site needs to be updated at least every five days, and a standard business-to-business Web site needs to be updated every eight days. Don't have much time or resources? Don't despair. Keeping your Web site fresh is actually easier than it looks. There are only a few things that work and even fewer that users notice.