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Technology Roundup: List Hygiene Solutions
May 1, 2005

By Hallie Mummert Mail that is undeliverable as addressed, called UAA, amounts to close to 6 billion pieces of mail annually that have to be redirected, either to the correct address, back to the mailer or into a recycling bin. The U.S. Postal Service estimates that it spends in excess of $1.9 billion annually to process mail that is incorrectly addressed. To stem some of the blood loss, the USPS put mailers on notice in 2003: Those companies claiming automation or presort rates on First Class mail are required to use an approved address change correction tool—such as Move Update or NCOA—no earlier than

Get Down With Global Data
November 1, 2003

By Lisa Yorgey Lester How to get better data and better delivery. Achieving data quality with international addresses is a complicated process, whether you're mailing to your own file or rented names. Postal addresses often are longer than U.S. addresses, and formats vary from country to country. Some countries may use multiple formats, such as Switzerland, which has three—one for each of its official languages. To help you get a handle on international address accuracy, here are some best practices for data collection and data cleansing. Clean Up Your House The first

Data Quality The Foundation for Effective CRM
February 1, 2003

By David Peikin A growing number of trade press articles and industry analyst research have documented that the return on investment from CRM initiatives and other customer-facing systems has been limited by poor data. In November 2001, Gartner Group published a seminal piece of research on the relationship between data quality and CRM. The principal finding: "High-quality, well-integrated customer data is the cornerstone of a successful CRM effort. It is also the key to achieving several critical benefits—such as eliminating excess operational costs caused by redundant data, and enhancing revenue through improved customer targeting and retention." The rapid growth and adoption of CRM

International Housefile Housekeeping (889 words)
September 1, 2001

Clean your international data files to maximize opportunity By Charles Bouton Ensuring data quality in foreign address data is a complex process. International postal regulations and requirements differ greatly. Most countries have their own addressing standards, and few postal administrations have commercially available postal databases, even fewer with complete data. In addition, some countries such as Belgium and Switzerland use more than one language and more than one address format. The tremendous growth of direct marketing is turning a growing number of companies into worldwide businesses. Companies that have a presence on the Web are, in effect, global businesses and can expect inquiries