Good Housekeeping

Hook, Line and Sinker
October 1, 2013

Just because it's short doesn't mean writing effective teaser copy is easy. Creating teaser copy is part science, as well as part art. Good teasers make the difference between success and failure for emails, direct mail, even Twitter and blog posts. Long before I wrote outer envelope teasers for direct mail, I was an avid fan of those tantalizing blurbs on magazine covers like Glamour and <Seventeen, as well as my mother's Good Housekeeping and Ladies' Home Journal.I still love analyzing the words magazine editors so carefully choose for their front covers in an effort to entice me to buy and read their magazines.

Why Are E-commerce Companies Creating Catalogs?
September 25, 2013

In the age of digital media, where consumers are plugged in, tuned out and engaging in high-speed comparison-shopping at the click of a mouse, e-commerce and social media is fresh and exciting while traditional print catalogs are unresponsive, costly and old-school, right? So why are e-comms hopping on the catalog bandwagon at a rapid clip?

3 Key Questions to Ask About Your Green Practices
June 17, 2009

In an ideal direct marketing world, all actions and initiatives that are taken on behalf of the environment by an organization are not only genuine and effective, but also recognized by prospects and customers. Of course, in an ideal world, there wouldn't have been such environmental degradation wrought by modern society and business in the first place and, thus, such a dire need for these corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives today.

Subscribing to Hearst's E-mail Philosophy
April 1, 2009

So House Beautiful and Popular Mechanics don’t have much in common other than their parent company, Hearst Magazines of New York, right? Well, no. As it turns out, readers of both magazines—as well as other Hearst titles, including Country Living and Good Housekeeping—are interested in being environmentally conscious if it’s affordable. So Hearst targeted each magazine’s subscribers in a six-part “Earth Month” e-mail campaign. Recipients responded by heading to Hearst’s in droves. There, House Beautiful readers could learn how to save on organic food while Popular Mechanics subscribers could research the “10 Most Fuel-Efficient 2008 Vehicles.” Meanwhile, the print magazine subscribers were helping drive traffic on the “green Web site for regular people” by clicking through and accounting for 25 percent of’s April 2008 traffic.

Anthrax--Sleeping With the Enemy
January 1, 2002

How are direct marketers coping? by Denny Hatch, Contributing Editor On November 22, 1963, Consumer Reports circulation director Paul Goldberg was having lunch at the Pierre hotel in New York with two of his counterparts in the business when the maitre d' came over to say that the President of the United States had been shot. "Oh, my God!" said the woman on Goldberg's right. "Oh, my God!," said the woman on Goldberg's left. "Oh, my mail!" said Goldberg. It's a given: A major catastrophe will clobber results as Americans spend an inordinate number of additional hours watching events unfold on television while mail,