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Maintaining the Integrity of Global Data
October 4, 2006

Question: What tactics should international direct marketers employ to maintain the integrity of global data? Answers: • Seek resources and expertise specifically addressing the complexities of international data. This can include training your in-house data capture staff on the particular details of international data, using industry experts and resources to improve data capture and data management practices, and/or working with suppliers that have significant experience with international data. • International data often contains foreign accent characters, diacritics or local-language text characters that are not supported by most domestic computer systems. Be aware of the large number of different international data encoding standards that exist to store this information,

INTERNATIONAL How to Create a Global Privacy Program (888 word
July 1, 2001

By Sheila Donovan Customer relationship management is one of direct marketing's hottest buzzwords. However, a key component of a business-to-consumer relationship often is overlooked. To remain competitive, direct marketers must also consider adding "privacy relationship management" to their list of things to do. Individuals around the world want to manage their privacy relationship with you! They want to understand what you want to know, why you want to know it, and what you do with this information. With whom do you plan to share it and how long do you plan to keep it? The capture of personal data for marketing purposes

10 Key Steps for Maintaining INTERNATIONAL DATA Integrity (1,19
February 1, 2001

By Marian Nelson What happens to data at the entry point is critical. The way data is handled here has an impact on every later interaction with the customer or prospect. In "Deciphering Global Code" (Target Marketing, November 2000), Sheila Donovan of Global DM Solutions explored ways to optimize data capture by "internationalizing" your Web site. Once an international format is in place, visitors enter their own data. They decide how to make abbreviations and how to fit their addresses into your structure. For those of us working outside the Web environment, this sounds like heaven! The organizations with which I work still enter