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Return to Recipient — Email Déjà Vu
November 29, 2016 at 8:00 am

Go ahead and resend that exact email campaign to many of the same recipients. That’s right — resending email campaigns works, says

Often, Even Email Needs Validation
June 1, 2016 at 9:30 am

For its 2015 New Year’s resolution, Comindware vowed to improve its lead conversions and reduce its email bounce rate.

How Marketers Can Benefit From Email Database Services
December 3, 2012

Performed by an experienced and ethical provider in the most conservative fashion, email appending can provide the highest return on investment of any marketing program you undertake. Use a reputable provider with sophisticated technology and expertise to hygiene your results backed up by an opt-in permission pass to confirm consent. 

Dave Fallon on E-mail Appending
May 14, 2008

As marketers develop creative ways to maximize ROI using existing customer lists to help offset increased postage and paper costs, e-mail appending offers a solution. Focusing on the quality, not the quantity, of your e-mail append can help make the most of this approach by leading to better response rates. Dave Fallon, Internet marketing strategist at North Andover, Mass.-based L-com Connectivity Products, recently partnered with Newton, Mass.-based e-mail hygiene provider FreshAddress and achieved a 22 percent lift in response to his company’s e-mail programs. Here, Fallon discusses who should consider e-mail appending, best practices for choosing an e-mail appending provider and how to follow

How Storytelling Boosts Response Rates
October 24, 2007

For centuries, the world’s greatest teachers and leaders have used fables, allegories and other types of stories to successfully communicate with people and motivate them to take action. So have some of the top-performing direct mail packages, including those from The Wall Street Journal, Time-Life, Rodale Inc., Covenant House, Greenpeace, Nightingale-Conant and National Wildlife Federation. Stories engage people because they are entertaining, allow the listener to empathize with the characters, draw on emotion and lead the listener to a conclusion. And in present times, when consumers tend to be more entertainment-oriented than ever, stories might be just what your direct mail package needs to

West Marine’s Craig Ajeska on E-mail Hygiene
August 8, 2007

Successful e-mail marketers start with good list hygiene, weeding out redundant, inaccurate and spam-trap addresses to create an effective, targeted list. Craig Ajeska, director of database marketing for West Marine, a Watsonville, Calif.-based multichannel marketer of boating supplies, shares his insights on e-mail hygiene and accessing the inbox. Target Marketing: How did the Can Spam act change e-mail marketing? Craig Ajeska: Can Spam set standards for legitimate e-mail marketers. In addition, it raised awareness of ethical e-mail practices. From a consumer standpoint, I think the two most important and reassuring standards are requiring a physical postal address of the sender and providing simple, clear

How Fit Is Your E-mail Program?
July 1, 2007

It’s official: Forrester Research recently announced that e-mail is a blink or two away from achieving universal penetration, with 97 percent of consumers and 94 percent of marketers using the channel. By and large, massive channel adoption by a marketplace is a good thing. But when it comes to best practices in e-mail marketing, experts caution marketers to adjust their thinking if they consider the full 97 percent of the consumer market fair game for their e-mail efforts. “The size of your e-mail file is not as important a measure of the health of your program as the engagement level of the file,” states

Protect Your E-mail Housefile Investment With NCOA
October 18, 2006

You may already be familiar with NCOA for your postal addresses, a service that corrects and updates your snail-mail list. What you may not have known is that since 2000, this service also has been available to freshen your e-mail address lists. A typical NCOA for e-mail service includes the following functions: Identification of addresses that should be removed from your list. These may be addresses that match a list of suspicious addresses, such as “” or “”; match a block list; are unrecoverable bounces; or are duplicates. Some services also can catch different addresses belonging to the same person, so you don’t double-message these people. Flagging