Conscious Creative: Changing Viewpoints
May 1, 2005

By Donna Baier Stein Last time out, I discussed point of view (POV among writerly types) and how it's used to best effect in direct mail copywriting. First person (I) establishes trust and creates a personal interaction. Second person (you) makes it easy to focus on benefits to the reader. Two other points of view are third person (he/she/it) and mixed, probably the most common POV you'll find in direct mail copy. It's pretty much impossible to make an effective call to action using third person. But it can be used to set the stage for your offer and ask. Remember

If the Media's Walls Could Talk Here's what they'd say about buying ad space
October 1, 2003

By Paul Barbagallo Buying media for direct response advertising campaigns can be either painfully complex or amazingly simple. Decisions almost always depend on one element: arithmetic. Once a buyer knows the selling price of the product or service and the allowable cost per order (CPO), they then can determine how much a client can afford to pay for every thousand impressions in the marketplace. Sheri Rothblatt, managing partner at Wunderman Media, explains that the weight you put in the market also depends on a client's seasonality, business trends and when the client needs the lead or sale. "When we're planning from a