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Special Report Payment and Collections
December 1, 2005

In a June Washington Post article titled "Ubiquitous Technology, Bad Practices Drive Up Data Theft," Jonathan Kim dubbed 2005 the year of the data breach. Indeed, a recent string of high-profile cases of compromised or stolen credit card data have given companies that process, store or collect credit card data a collective black eye. The proliferation of credit cards since the 1970s has propelled the direct marketing industry forward. As the beneficiaries of card-not-present transactions, direct marketers need to be proactive when it comes to safeguard-ing this highly sensitive customer data. This special report examines two major concerns direct marketers have when it

Fulfillment Special Report: Visa RED Looks to Speed Up Credit Card Disputes
November 1, 2004

Are merchants ready to handle the fast lane of chargebacks and dispute resolution?One element of the transaction process has forever changed the way merchants process disputes: chargebacks and dispute resolution. Visa USA and Visa International are in the process of re-engineering their dispute and arbitration processes. While deadlines for changes for the Visa Re-engineering of…