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The Mark Group-A 50-Year Legacy of Service (1,709 words)
November 1, 2000

Look inside the front cover of The Mark Group's original catalog, Mark, Fore & Strike, and you are very likely to see a 1950s photograph that represents the company's founding belief: The lifetime value of each customer is more important than a single sale. Behind that photo is a story, one that shows just how strongly the company believes in customer service. The photo is of the late J. William Tiernan, president and owner of Mark, Fore & Strike until his death in 1973, and was taken by a store manager as Tiernan arrived at a Naples, FL, airfield with a dress for

Navigating Global Waters West Marine's Spreads Its Risk by Ex
February 1, 1999

By Lisa Yorgey You're sailing in the Pacific when you lose your anchor. What do you do? Pull out your laptop and e-mail an order for a new anchor from the West Marine catalog, requesting the product be delivered to the marina in Fiji in 10 days time. Sound like a logistical nightmare? Not for West Marine, a boating equipment cataloger based in Watsonville, CA. In fact, this scenario is not entirely unusual, according to Chris Flannery, director of international marketing for West Marine's catalog division. And while the cataloger is able to accommodate most of these requests, if it misses the customer

1998 Direct Marketer of the Year - Jay Walker
December 1, 1998

by Denny Hatch Never heard of Jay Walker? He has crammed several lifetimes of direct marketing successes and bombs into his 43 years. Among his successes: • The first use of videocassettes in a direct mail offer. • Marrying overnight Federal Express delivery to the catalog industry, thus creating a hugely profitable new selling season (last minute holiday gifts). • Revolutionizing magazine subscription sales with mega-success, NewSub Services. • In just six months, making his priceline.com the second most recognized Internet brand among American adults. I first met Jay Walker in 1986 when he was a storm off the coast of American Business—a tropical