Federal Express

Gen Z Marketing Is Going Retro
May 9, 2018 at 8:00 am

Gen Z marketing needs to go as retro as its audience: being value-driven, providing affordable value, involving print in daily life and

FedEx Bulks Up in Europe, Cites E-commerce Growth
April 8, 2015

In the U.S., the main package delivery organizations marketers cite are the U.S. Postal Service, UPS and FedEx. In addition, those entities often work with each other. Not so much in Europe, where FedEx just agreed to buy a rival for $4.8 billion, according to the company's announcement on Tuesday. However, similar to its reasons for growth in the U.S., FedEx names e-commerce as the reason it's doubling its market share in Europe by purchasing TNT Express.

Denny's Zinger: FedEx's CRM (Customer Relationship Magic)
January 16, 2015

Since 1939, Di Bruno Bros. has been a Mecca for Philadelphia foodies craving great cheeses, olives, condiments, deli meats, prepared foods and kitchen tchotchkes. With family coming for Christmas—folks who have pretty much everything—I decided to get them a gift box from Di Bruno delivered to my house. I settled on a gift box and emailed the order.

USPS: 7-Day Delivery Worked, 18% Increase in Packages
January 7, 2015

The U.S. Postal Service was so proud of its Holiday 2014 delivery performance, it issued a press release about it on Tuesday. Working seven days a week from Nov. 17 to Christmas Day in major cities and "high-volume areas," USPS delivered more than its predicted 450 million to 470 million packages, which had been projected to be a 12 percent increase. In its announcement on Tuesday, the postal service says December alone saw a total of 524 million package deliveries—for an 18 percent rise over 2013's volume.

Mastering the Complexities of Multichannel Digital Marketing
December 2, 2014

Integration is like the Holy Grail of marketing. Connecting the dots at the customer level, across channels, devices and owned and non-owned properties is hard, but not impossible. Multichannel marketers must commit to meeting the customer along a matrixed journey. In a session I led at DMA2014 in San Diego last month, we discussed the types of lifecycle marketing, automation and buyer-centric programs that are most effective for drawing marketers out of silos and into a collaborative multichannel approach.

USPS, 7 Days a Week: Package Delivery Ramped Up for Holidays
November 7, 2014

It's now almost a 24/7 postal service. For the holidays, the U.S. Postal Service will be delivering packages seven days a week, USPS says. The postal service's Thursday announcement comes a day after Americans learned Amazon plans to deliver some packages via taxi, a service that does run 24/7. Fortune also hypothesized that the USPS made this move in order to

Hail a Package? Amazon Snubs USPS, Uber in Taxi-Delivery Test
November 6, 2014

Just when it seems like the U.S. Postal Service is hanging a lot of its growth options on Amazon (think grocery and package delivery), Amazon decides it wants to see other deliverypeople. Amazon is considering whether to expand its package-delivery-by-taxi service beyond its test cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Thanks for My Mail, USPS. May I Have Milk and Eggs With That?
October 27, 2014

First, the U.S. Postal Service delivered groceries for AmazonFresh in San Francisco. Then on Friday, USPS expanded the delivery area to "additional major metropolitan markets nationwide." At 4:19 p.m. on Thursday, the Postal Regulatory Commission issued an "Order Authorizing Customized Delivery Market Test." In other words, the PRC is allowing USPS to conduct an expanded market test for the next two years, beyond what the postal service has already done in San Francisco. What USPS did there was load up on AmazonFresh bags—delivered to USPS by AmazonFresh's participating retailers—and drop them off at the doors of San Franciscans who had ordered groceries online.