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5 Keys to Respectful Customer E-mail Relationships
May 7, 2009

As worldwide e-mail volume continues to grow, e-mail marketers are looking for highly relevant ways to communicate with customers and stand out from the crowd. Here are five effective methods to respect your customers’ differences and needs while improving relationships — and ROI — in your e-mail campaigns:

10 Steps to Survive the Spam Button
November 7, 2008

E-mail marketers know the game's over when, no matter how legitimate their e-mail messages may be, recipients hit the spam button. But consider recipients' options: Hit delete? That's like shooing away a fly — it'll be back. Or, even worse, should they use an unsubscribe link? That might let the senders know they've reached a valid e-mail address.

Optimizing E-mail Deliverability: Five Smart Steps to the Inbox
June 5, 2008

E-mail deliverability issues are nothing new. If your e-mails are mistakenly labeled spam, bounced or returned as undeliverable, you can face serious consequences. If it includes time-sensitive account, billing or service information, you're in trouble. If you're a marketer, you're losing revenue with every undelivered message.