The Path to Holiday Email Optimization Part I: Checking Your Foundation
August 27, 2015

For just about every consumer marketer, the winter holiday season generates the majority of revenue for the year. It's the season in which most businesses invest the bulk of their time and money in their marketing programs, and rightfully so. As the opportunity approaches email marketers typically concentrate on gaining consumer mindshare and showcasing value, laying the foundation for holiday purchases. The leaders do even more.

Intentionally In-Tune With U.S. Hispanics
July 17, 2015

As the U.S. Hispanic demographic continues to grow, companies are learning that they need to diversify their marketing efforts. This demographic is about 17 percent of the U.S. population, and streams more content via digital platforms than any other. To reach them effectively, marketers should know how U.S. Hispanics want to be communicated with and how they will respond to messaging.

Why a Single Customer View is the Foundation for Marketing Success
July 6, 2015

Like a house, a brand needs a solid foundation upon which it can acquire new customers, build relationships and sustain the intelligent interactions that turn customers into loyal brand advocates. For a brand, that foundation is a single view of the customer — i.e., the ability to identify a customer regardless of channel or device.

How Email Marketers Can Reactivate Subscribers
May 27, 2015

Email marketers are working a lot harder to make money this year. The professionals are sending 15.5 percent more emails, but making a penny less per message than they did last year, according to New York-based Experian Marketing Services.

How to Use Analytics to Improve the Performance of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns
May 21, 2015

In the here and now, most online retailers know that data helps them gain insights into the behaviors of their visitors. In fact, a recent survey by Experian Data Quality found that nearly 100 percent of retailers said they feel driven to turn data into insight, and all said some form of data is essential to marketing success.